Secret Hobbies of Celebrities…

During your lifetime, you might have learned many things, particularly that are directly related to earning an income for livelihood. Amidst these tasks, you might have also learned some activities that are done in one’s leisure time and love to indulge in for pure enjoyment. These activities are called hobbies and may include collecting items and objects or indulge oneself in some creative activity. Like a common man celebrities too have hobbies that may range from simple to bizarre activities.

You might have played with dolls with your sister in your childhood and may still have some Barbie dolls in your closet. It looks natural and makes sense when children are playing with dolls, but how does it look when an adult plays with dolls that to a celebrity? Sounds bizarre, right? Johnny Depp has a big collection of Barbie dolls. According to him, the collection of Barbie dolls is not just for enjoyment or a creative activity but a sincere effort and on which he is good at doing.

Witchcraft was practiced for centuries, and in modern days people emulating witches can only be seen on the eve of Halloween. Even today, some people practice witchcraft but are rarely seen in public or even acknowledging that they are involved in the practice of witchcraft. One exception is Azealia Banks. She is known for her eccentric lifestyle, but it was a shocker even to her fans when the rapper revealed she was practicing brujeria, witchcraft in Spanish. She posted many videos on Instagram, which were later deleted, telling her fans that she has a special room for practicing witchcraft.

Kate Moss is known for her late night party lifestyle, and many wouldn’t have thought in their dreams that she is a big fan of bingo and was playing even before her modeling days. After getting married to Jamie Hince, separated in 2016, instead of going to late night parties she stayed at home and played online bingo with her children. One of the advantages of playing bingo on online portals is privacy, and you can play online bingo at William Hill without any hindrance. Like Kate Moss, you can spend your precious time playing bingo with your children.

You might have come across people chasing dogs, cats, or even cars but some people have too much of leisure time to chase bizarre things. How you heard a Hollywood celebrity chasing frogs? Paris Hilton, heir to Hilton hotels, socialite, and late night party hopper has a bizarre hobby of chasing frogs around her ranches. She calls it frog hunting and as an advocate of animal rights assures no frog is harmed in any way. She releases the frogs back in the wild after catching them.

You might have heard car racing, horse racing, and dog racing but have you heard pigeon racing? Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson spends a lot of time training pigeons to participate in pigeon pageant in Ontario, California, every year.

Hobbies give those small pleasures that fill the void in life. Sometimes you make up the leisure time to have some fun and enjoy those moments.