Saving Money with Aurora LED GU10 Downlights

Traditional Halogen or CFL light bulbs are antiquated technology that many people are looking to dump. Switching your home lighting to LED Bulbs is a great way to save money on your electricity bills so much so that they can pay for themselves many times over the course of their lifetime.

Consumes Less Energy Than Traditional GU10s

Old style light bulbs such as halogen or incandescent bulbs waste most of the energy they consume through escaping heat. Thanks to exceptional build quality and modern design, LED bulbs have almost eliminated the issue of wasted heat meaning that 402 Incandescent lamps are equivalent to 4w LED lamps.

UK households can expect to save hundreds of pounds in running costs over the lifetime of only a handful of bulbs. LED light bulbs haven’t always been so easy a sell though. It’s only recently that LED Light bulbs have become fully “Retro-Fit” meaning you can now buy a replacement lamp and know that it will fit with no issues allowing you to easily take advantage of the savings.

Excellent Life Span

Since they don’t generate heat, LED GU10s have a much longer life span. Standard LED GU10 Lamps can last up to 25 times longer than equivalent halogen lamps which are rated for 1,000 hours compared to the 25,000 LED life span.

Since you’re saving on the running cost per lamp you’ll also see savings in purchase of replacement lamps.

Smart Control

As home automation becomes mainstream, it’s possible to get LED Downlights that you can manage with your smart phone or smart home device such as Alexa or Google.

This allows you greater control on how you manage the lighting in your home to ensure you never forget to turn the lights off or lighting only the rooms you need, when you need them and the tap of a screen.


There is really no reason not to switch your existing lights to LED GU10s. The savings speak for themselves and the greater control it allows you over the lighting in your home can be revolutionary.