Salad Landaise with Crispy Poached Egg

Makes 2 portions

Ingredients for the salad

• Smoked duck magret or Parma ham   60g

• Duck gizzard comfit 60g

• Rocket salad 80g

• Parsley oil * a Drizzle • Raspberry balsamic vinegar a Drizzle

• Olive oil a Drizzle

• Redcurrant for garnish

* Olive oil and fresh parsley blend together

Ingredients for the crispy poached eggs

• Medium egg 3 each

• Cider vinegar 1 spoon

• Bread crumbs 1 tablespoon

• Flour 1 tablespoon

• Salt and pepper and oil for frying


Method for the fried poached egg

• Slice the smoked Duck Magret into fine slices and keep aside. Place the gizzard comfit in its own fat in a thick –based saucepan and reheat for a

few minutes. Meanwhile, make the dressing by whisking together the raspberry vinegar, olive oil and the seasoning.

• Wash, drain and toss the rocket salad into the dressing and place on a plate.

• Place on top of the salad the slices of duck magret (or Parma ham), the duck gizzard and the hot fried poached eggs.

• Drizzle the salad with the parsley oil and garnish with the Redcurrant.

Method for the fried poached egg

• Crack 2 poached eggs in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes and refresh in ice-cold water. Drain the eggs on a tissue paper.

• Use 3 bowls, and crack the remaining egg and whisk in the seasoning. Into the first one.

• Pour the flour into the second one and the breadcrumb in the last one.

• Dip the poached eggs in the flour first, then the egg mixture and finally in the bread crumb, repeat this operation twice, keep the “coated egg“

• Fry the eggs until golden brown and dispose on place of the salad.