Roulette: top scenes from the movies

If you’re a big fan of Roulette, then we’re sure you’d revel in the chance to live out your gaming fantasies through iconic casino-based movie scenes. When you’re having a bit of downtime, after logging on at and taking your chances, why not get a little bit of inspiration for your next game with a couple of fast-paced Roulette scenes.

Read on for a nudge in the right direction – and get your next movie night sorted!

Movie #1: Casablanca (1942)

A classic American thriller, Michael Curtiz directed this iconic film, depicting the life during World War II. Frequently referenced in modern pop culture, one of the most talked about moments in this classic is the scene in the café where a game of Roulette is played out by Rick, the owner.

Casablanca depicts a more corrupt side of Roulette, that we don’t recommend replicating at home. The game begins with a woman and her husband sitting at the table, getting ready to play a (hopefully) successful game of Roulette. Humphrey Bogart plays the protagonist, Rick, and viewers watch on in delight as he sets up the game in the couple’s favour, rigging the wheel to have a bias towards the number 22. Please note that this isn’t a good example of casino etiquette – and was for fictional purposes only!

Movie #2: Diamonds are Forever (1971)

The seventh instalment of the iconic James Bond franchise, released in the early ‘70s. Way before this film hit the big screen, Bond’s character had already gained a reputation for being a prominent figure in the casino world, often facing off against his latest arch enemy at a gaming table or two.

The particular scene in question is set at the grand Whyte House mansion, with 007 playing out a range of casino classics – including Roulette. As Bond enters the room, suited and booted, it’s not surprising that something is about to kick off! The iconic spy uses Roulette to set up the next famous Craps scene, that we know and love, as well as demonstrating how to beat the house edge.

Movie #3: Run Lola Run (1998)

Now for something a little more exotic, here’s an example of Roulette gaming in a movie classic from German cinema. The film was met with critical acclaim, receiving several accolades. This great reception is most likely down to the well-known casino scene that is featured in this film.

Director Tom Tykwer cleverly uses the location of the casino and the game of Roulette to comment on the significance of time in the film’s plot, although you’ll often find that casinos rarely have clocks. Lola, the protagonist, sets out on a quest to gather and deliver 100,000 Deutsche Mark to the bad guys, in order to save her boyfriend’s life. She has 20 minutes to build up that impressive sum, so sits herself at the Roulette table with nothing but a 100 Deutsche Mark chip. Of course, she ends up winning, but that’s not the only important detail of this scene. The number 20 reoccurs throughout the gameplay, playing another role in highlighting the concept of time. What’s more, the game itself helps illuminate the importance of chance – which is also prominent in our beloved Roulette!

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