Roasted quail legs in honey…

Served with mascarpone cream and crispy kale…

To make 6 quail legs to serve as a canapés or a starter…


•Quail legs 6 each

•Acacia Honey – 1 tablespoon

•Mascarpone cream – 2 table spoon

•Butternut squash – 6 peelings

•Parsley oil – 1 tsp.

•Olive oil – 1 tsp.

•Salad cress – few leaves

•Kale – few leaves

•Table salt – 2 pinches

•Ground white pepper – 1 pinch



Get the quail legs from your butcher and ask him to remove the first bone of each leg, leaving only the “end bone“.

• Dry off the kale in a very slow oven at 80C for at least one hour, or fry in vegetable oil if you prefer them that way.

• Marinade the Quail legs for one hour with the honey, olive oil and seasoning.

• Make some “peelings“ of butternut squash (or carrot or parsnip) and roast then in a hot oven, reserve aside.

• Mix the Mascarpone cream with one teaspoon of parsley oil and season to taste.

• Cook the quail legs in a hot oven at 190C for 8 to 10 minutes.

• Serve the hot quail legs on the butternut squash peelings with mascarpone cream, parsley oil, and salad cress to garnish.

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