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Thumb Wars

Thumb Wars

It is very rare that a World Championships comes to our wee tranquil corner of the globe but when it does rest assured that ACTION MAN will be there!

So on a sunny Saturday afternoon I made my way to Lowestoft all set for the… World Thumb Wrestling Championships!

This prestigious event has been held in the Suffolk coastal town for the past 6 years and has seen competitors fly in from America just to compete and this year the line-up was very strong was former champions Luke ‘The Cobra’ Sears and ‘The Thumbertaker’ eager to regain the crown.

Now this isn’t playground stuff, we’re at the sport’s elite level so there are rules to follow…

• Best 3 x 60 second rounds. In the event of a tie, rock-paper-scissors will decide the victor.

• You must pin your opponent for the time it takes you to say “1-2-3-4, I win a thumb war”

• Elbows must remain on the table.    

• No sharp finger nails.

• Referee’s decision is final.

The crowd and the tension soon built has the contest got underway, the first match saw ‘The Cobra’ win in almost record time to cement his favourite status. Next it was the turn of Bounce Magazine’s Action Thumb!

The nerves had set in, my palms started to sweat (not ideal in this situation) as I entered the arena and faced my opponent, local & crowd favourite ‘Thumber Cat’.

Our thumbs entered the ring, I focused and called upon my Action Man experience and cruised to a 2-0 win! My confidence was sky high but it was soon shattered as the draw pitched ‘Action Thumb’ against the impressive ‘The Cobra’, the intensity built further as we entered the quarter finals and the top 8 of the world’s greatest Thumb Wrestlers.

‘The Cobra’ & ‘Action Thumb’ squared off for a slot in the Semis and what was one of the events most brutal & violent encounter was very close. The first round timed out after 60 seconds with neither opponent taking the advantage, but the second round saw ‘The Cobra’ strike to seal a 1-0 lead, final round and ‘Action Thumb’ had to attack but a spirited effort was well defended and the round agonisingly timed out, Action Man was out.

The competition winner and Thumb Wrestling World Champion was Brad ‘Thumb-thing kind of Wonderful’ Collins who beat ‘The Thumbertaker’ in a thrilling final after knocking out ‘The Cobra’ with a rock-paper-scissors shoot off in the Semis.

Dayna ‘Big Digit’ Hunt went on to regain her title for the third consecutive year in the women’s event. What a great event! Thanks to The Standford Arms, Lowestoft, WTWC guvnor Rory Bellis and the competitors who all get a big Action Man thumbs up!