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The Ultimate Massage – 4-Hands at SK

The Ultimate Massage – 4-Hands at SK

When it comes to massage, are 4-hands better than 2?

The new Synchronised Massage available at SK Clinic + Spa, is the most indulgent and luxurious treatment on the spa menu.

Known throughout the world as Four Hands, SK’s Synchronised Massage was derived from one of the most prestigious royal treatments in Asia and the Middle East.

The massage allows you to have two SK therapists performing the massage, rather like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time.

The two therapists will work in unison on one client, using synchronised moves, which creates a more concentrated massage involving varying paces and pressures.

Having two therapists and four hands work on your body is an experience like no other. The client’s mind and body reacts quite differently compared to other massage treatments.

At the beginning of the Synchronised Massage treatment, it is quite normal for the client to try and keep track of the therapists.

Where and when each movement will be and what each one is doing, but very quickly the client cannot pre-empt the movements and the brain will realise it’s not quite sure who is doing what, and relinquishes control.

This is what makes this massage an extremely powerful treatment, especially for those who have difficulty in letting themselves go, drifting off and relaxing during treatments.

The Synchronised Massage treatment is available in 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on how much pampering you would like.

Having the two therapists working on you at the same time allows you to achieve more in your massage requirements.

It’s the ideal massage for those who want the intensity of a deep and lengthy massage, but in half the time.

Feel like you need to drift away? Contact the SK Clinic + Spa reception team to book and find out more: 01284 748470,