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Tea-Tox at Weaver’s House Spa

Tea-Tox at Weaver’s House Spa

I was recently invited along to Weavers’ House Spa at The Swan at Lavenham, to sample the newly launched ‘Tea-Tox’ healthy afternoon tea and the ‘Go Figure’ treatment.

Having enjoyed time at the spa before, I couldn’t wait to take a seat in the main lounge, to relax in a white fluffy dressing gown, whilst sipping on a smoothie shot, anticipating the treats ahead.

For me, as I enter my thirties, I will be the first to admit that changes are starting to happen! You don’t have to be overweight to have cellulite… oh no. For some, Cellulite is a modern day issue, we now have extra artificial flavourings, preservatives and sugars along with alcohol, cigarettes, and carbonated drinks; all of which have absolutely no function in the body, they serve no purpose, and therefore the body doesn’t know how to process them – they are toxic.

Cellulite is the effect of toxins on the body, it’s there because the toxins are trapped between your fat cells. So if Cellulite is getting you down, this may be the perfect treatment for you or if you have a holiday on the horizon this could help get your body bikini ready.

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“I felt like a snake that had shed its Skin… and the feeling continued for some time after.”

The treatment was quite different to many others I have had, it starts with a body brushing experience to invigorate and stimulate the blood and lymph circulation, this is the number one way to help breakdown your cellulite. It feels amazing! My hips, thighs and stomach were then given a detoxifying massage, using targeted techniques (including a bit of pounding and chopping,) followed by an intensive mud wrap.

Lastly, anti-cellulite gel is applied again to those areas along with a moisturizer cleverly named ‘Duvet,’ which makes your skin feel like it has been wrapped up in a very soft blanket. After the treatment I felt like a snake that had shed its skin and the feeling continued for some time after.

Shortly after my treatment I was taken outside where my ‘Tea-Tox’ afternoon tea awaited me.

This is the spa’s ‘own take’ on the traditional afternoon tea to satisfy their most health food conscious guests who enjoy a sweet sensation. The Tea-Tox offers a handpicked selection of healthy, raw and gluten free delights from the hotel’s award winning cake and pastry chef Anmar Odendal.

The menu includes a range of delicate finger sandwiches, handmade raisin and apple and walnut scones, as well as raw, vegan, gluten free sweet treats and fresh fruit skewers, with seasonal fruits and berries.

Indulge your senses, enjoy a spa experience and then treat yourself to a little of what you fancy with a Tea-Tox.


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