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Suffolk Escape Room

Suffolk Escape Room

Suffolk Escape Room is situated in the unique location of an original war time Nissen Hut on the edge of an American style Trailer Park, Happy Days Retro Vacations – the perfect duo.

So what is an Escape Room? An Escape Room is a live immersive experience.

Players are ‘locked’ in a room and must solve a series of puzzles within 60 minutes in order to escape an Area 51 theme. Common sense goes a long way!

You can have 2-8 players and once inside, players must find hidden clues and solve puzzles that will lead them towards escape.    

Bounce Magazine were thrilled to be invited along to take on the Suffolk Escape Room challenge and enjoy a stay onsite at Happy Days Retro Vacations. Here’s what we thought.

“As we walked up to the Suffolk Escape Room, the suspense was killing us… we all wondered what was awaiting us behind that door!

Equipped with a walkie-talkie, we were sent into the room. As the door closed we were suddenly transformed into a band of determined UFO hunters, and yes we did take on the roles very seriously! Our mission was to search the room thoroughly, and as a team we had to work out how to escape.

We had one hour to crack all of the puzzles that hid in the depths of the room.

It was also at this point that everyone’s competitive streak took over… the countdown to escape had begun.

I am absolutely fascinated with UFO’s and paranormal activity, so this theme was right up my street. Secretly, in my head, I was pretending I was Dana Scully, (I grew up watching the X Files) – I didn’t tell anyone else that, I had my own fun with it!

We whizzed through the first few puzzles with ease, but sometimes it the most obviously things that create the hurdles! The last puzzle was so annoyingly obvious that we kicked ourselves about it afterwards. We ended up making it out in 50 minutes 57 seconds, which we were told wasn’t a bad first attempt. We were buzzing after the game and wanted to go back in time and do it all again.

Suffolk Escape Rooms provides the perfect environment for team building activities, birthday parties or just simple fun with your family and friends.

You can get a glimpse of our experience by visiting our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.  Don;t worry we haven’t given too much away!

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