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The Bounce team were very excited to be invited along to the annual ‘Quarantine’ event held by Explore 4×4 at the Elveden Estate.

Can you think of anything better to do on Halloween weekend than running around the dark woods of the estate being chased by zombies? Didn’t think so!

Upon arrival we were warmed up with hot drinks and a hog roast (a roasted vegetable wrap for vegetarians), and waited in anticipation for the adventure that was to come.

“It’s time” someone called, our eager group headed outdoors, across the grass field and through a dark archway. We were then presented with a weaponry-training field and some military instructors. I remember thinking to myself ‘surely they won’t trust me with one of these?’ whilst having flashbacks to an episode of the Walking Dead I’d recently watched, where Daryl took out a heard of Zombies with a single crossbow.


First up was riffle training, apart from the fact I could not to cock my own riffle (I needed some special assistance by my military coach), I managed to hit the target more than once. Whilst the other Bounce members fired away, I realised that the crossbow might be more my weapon of choice. As we moved on to this, I revelled in the fact I could shoot it and gained complete satisfaction out of hitting the Zombie head targets.

And so we were ready and were lead to another part of the estate on foot, suddenly from nowhere we were attacked by an infected Zombie.

Quick, run, move, move, move,” shouted our coach, as we were lead into the Quarantine zone.

As we entered a small hut, a nurse greeted us and we were all given a swab on our top lip one at a time, our eyes were then checked with a torch.  With the group clear we headed into the briefing room to watch the latest news report.

Panic stuck and military sergeants were in panic, as we sat there watching bodies being dragged out in bags we wondered what was going to happen next. Suddenly, I was pulled up off my chair, “did you just cough,” a man shouted in my face.

I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh, as I knew it wasn’t really real, or cry because it was actually rather scary!

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, as I would hugely recommend going along to the next event in 2018. I will say, the rest of the experience took play on a large truck, which drove off road… and ended on foot, where we ducked and dived through some surprise Zombies.

For more information call 01787 320 640 or visit www.explore-4×