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Product Review – The Y-Cam…

Product Review – The Y-Cam…

Protect your pet friendly home – Deter and Detect Burglars...

Many of us have pets and inevitably have to leave them at home from time to time.

This can stop people from setting their burglar alarms, which makes it easy for burglars to target unprotected houses and voids your insurance.

Deter and detect burglars with the Y-Cam Protect and Pet Motion Sensor Accessory a complete Triple Layer™ smart security system designed to actively monitor your home and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of burglary.

Homes with no security 5x more likely to be burgled…

Figures from The Co-operative Insurance show a huge spike in home claims when the clocks change, with theft claims increasing by 38% in the five months after daylight saving time ends. With stats like this, it makes sense to look at ways of improving your home security.

Shockingly, homes with no security are five times more likely to be burgled so Y-cam wants to encourage home owners to Deter and Detect burglars safely this winter.

Stand out features:

NEW Protect Accessory – Pet Friendly Motion Sensor – this is a motion sensor with a 100 degree field of view and tamper switch. The advantage of this is that it allows your pets to roam freely round your home while the Protect alarm is activated. You can add as many sensors as you need. Just £34.99

Y-Cam Protect-  Triple Layer Security System for the Smart Home NEW Alexa Controlled Protect SkilL – The Y-cam Protect Skill allows you to control your Y-cam Protect alarm system using the intelligent personal voice assistant Alexa. The Y-cam Protect Alarm intelligently knows you have not set a PIN, it will ask you to select a 4 Digit Number and then ask for this each time you which to disarm using Alexa voice control commands.

NEW Phone Call and SMS alarm trigger alerts – When the alarm is triggered you will instantly get a phone call informing you of your alarm trigger and alerting you to which sensor has triggered the alarm.

NEW Customisable home mode – this in effect is the ability to create a zone. This means you can set a zone up for example when you go to sleep you can deselect any upstairs sensors and then arm everything downstairs.

Get the Y-cam protect system from just £149.99 – see for more information.