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Peddle-oh! Spin Ipswich…

Peddle-oh! Spin Ipswich…

Spinning is a great form of high intense low impact exercise and I’ve always been a big fan.

I actually used to ‘Spin’ twice a week however when my gym closed I struggled to find a suitable alternative to my regular peddle powered sweat fest.

Many facilities now only offer a DVD guided class but there’s usually a diminished level of effort and motivation from the group when an unenthusiastic fitness model with a full face of makeup and painted nails is leisurely cycling past a CGI background. You’ll get a far better workout and more enjoyable experience only when there’s an actual instructor just in front of you barking instructions and keeping a close eye on your resistance dial all to the tune of some deafen drum n bass. (Reading this back it doesn’t sound so good but trust me it’s better!)

Fret not, there is an answer, step forward our regions only spin specific studio in the shape of the all new Spin Ipswich, located within the grounds of Gresham sports centre, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich and I was honoured to attend their launch night.


The studio is fitted with 20 brand new top of the range Bodymax B200 indoor cycling bikes but you don’t need any specialist equipment, standard gym attire will suffice, do take a towel because you will sweat and take a drink to replace those lost fluids! Open 6 days a week there are classes throughout the day including early morning, lunch time and evenings to fit around you working schedule and the classes do vary with some working on overall fitness or for those new to spin, there’s also some high intense and muscle group specific classes for those more experienced.

The beauty about the exercise of spinning is that it can tick any and all the boxes for those looking to add to or kick start their fitness regimes.

A single spin class can burn up to 500 calories so it’s ideal for weight loss, it’s also great for improvements to your cardio vascular health. Stronger, leaner and more defined legs, core and glutes also get a big tick. All delivered via the means of impact free movement avoiding other joint punishing tarmac pounding exercises.

The warm and friendly studio, staff and patrons also deliver a team spirit and camaraderie that certainly isn’t from your DVD.

Booking cannot be easier, generate an account via the website and book your classes, arrive 5 minutes early to give you enough time to set up your bike for the perfect fit. Then if you fancy something more sedate then book one of the Pilates or Yoga classes also available at the studio. Further details can also be found on the Spin Ipswich Facebook and instagram feeds.

Action Man say: Don’t get in a spin, get yourself down to Spin Ipswich!