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Kuk Sool Won – Traditional Korean Martial Arts

Kuk Sool Won – Traditional Korean Martial Arts

Martial Arts is considerably more than just learning how to kick and punch and none more so than the Korean discipline of Kuk Sool Won.

Whilst this form was only founded in 1961 it prides itself on being a traditional martial arts system with an equal focus on mental and emotional wellbeing along with the physical elements, this breeds discipline, respect and a positive mental attitude which I was able to witness first hand with a visit to the Halesworth Kuk Sool Won dojo.

The school (who also operate in Lowestoft,) has just celebrated its 29th anniversary and has been run since day one by husband and wife pair Martin and Alison Ducker who are 7th and 6th degree black belt master instructors, the highest ranked in Europe. (Name familiar? Parents of our editor Rachel who’s also a Kuk Sool Master!)

For almost three decades they’ve taught thousands some of which have gone on to open their own schools through the trainee instructor program. Their passion hasn’t waned over time, quite the opposite, as more and more students pass through the dojo doors their immense enthusiasm is infectious and forms the cornerstone of the school’s success.

Halesworth and Lowestoft Kuk Sool Won offer a full range of programs that cater for all…

The Tiny Dragons class for ages 4-6 is designed to teach important life lessons through a fun and enriching environment.

The children’s class for ages 7-13 is a great place to begin your martial arts journey through the positive teachings of Kuk Sool Won.

Adults – it’s never to late to start with members over 70 years old! The highly qualified instructors can guide you on your journey from step 1.

Advanced – there’s then a separate advanced children’s and adult classes for those on the path to become the next senior master!

Now of course Action Man had to give it a go! Following half an hour of self-defence training I was given a challenge (Action Man never turns down a challenge!) I had to snap a plank in half with a single kick! Thanks to the mentoring of senior instructor Steve (who has just left to open his own school in Yeovil, good luck Steve!) I kicked that plank into next week on my first attempt. See the video on my Facebook page


So are you interested in improving your physical fitness? Or are you looking for something more? I was made to feel very welcome by the group and was highly impressed by the discipline and respect demonstrated along with the highly skilled and technical martial arts. Why not give it a go?! Your first TWO sessions are free of charge, for more info and class timetable visit

Action Man says: you’ve already won with Kuk Sool Won.