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Keep on running…

Keep on running…

Regular readers will know that I have somewhat of a love hate relationship with running.

I’m not a massive fan of the monotonous and boring pavement pounding, I certainly don’t get the ‘runners high’ a mid-run euphoric state yet I still run (occasionally) as part of my own fitness regime and injury recovery.

The truth is that as we all lead busier lives and with gym membership fees becoming increasingly costly, the easiest and cheapest method for you to improve on your own fitness is to simply pull on your trainers, open that front door and run!

Now it might take a bit more than my instructions to get you moving, especially as winter approaches, so you might need some extra incentive, well how about a nice shiny medal! For the answer to the pain-staking plodding and to reward you for your efforts is to join a virtual race.

Virtual races allow you to compete in specific events or run a set distance, (not necessarily all at once) and rewards you with a medal and goodie bag upon completion of the challenge.

There’s no greater incentive than working towards an achievable prize and the beauty of a virtual race is that you can do it whenever and wherever. There’s no need to drive to a set venue, arrive an hour early for registration then fight your way through the early crowds, your virtual race can take place in your town, even your street, pre-breakfast or late one evening, whatever suits you.

All you need to do is demonstrate your efforts by submitting your evidence, using a free mobile app like Strava or Relive, (which generates a very cool 3D map of your run), record you run/s and then send that to your Virtual Race provider, it’ll just be a couple of days before your rewards arrive in the post.

One such Virtual Race provider is the local who offer running and cycling challenges. I signed up for their Gladi-8k’er event, an ambitious target that I had planned to do in two 4km runs, you can break it down as much as required and you’ll still be rewarded.


I was joined by Rob and Stuart from Medal Reward on a Friday evening and we headed up and down the Felixstowe promenade, less than 50 minutes later we had run the whole 8km, it was my longest single run for over 3 years! I felt amazing, not only for covering that distance but for completing my challenge, it was a real sense of achievement, a real runners high!

That feeling and the prizes are there for the taking, so dig out your trainers, visit and sign up for your first virtual race!

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