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Ipswich Wheelchair Football

Ipswich Wheelchair Football

As mentioned last month Action Man has indeed come a cropper and with a ruptured ligament in my knee it’ll take some time before I’m firing on all cylinders again.

So is this the end of Action Man?

Is it heck! Ive taken on many monumental challenges over the past 3 years with an aim to motivation and encourage you to become your own Action Man or Woman and #getsomeaction there’s plenty more Action Manning to be had and I won’t let this little niggle stop me.

In fact we shouldn’t allow any physical impediment to stand in our way of a pursuit or activity and certainly not in the way of having fun.

So I caught up with Ipswich Wheelchair Football Club The Charioteers who are the only powerchair football club in Suffolk and just 1 of 2 throughout East Anglia.

They meet at Inspire Suffolk (Lindburgh Road, Ipswich) every fortnight (coinciding with ITFC away fixtures) and have been going for 9 yearsrun by husband and wife team Simon and Claire O’Brien Ellington.

The club is a registered charity and members of the UK Wheelchair Football Association, however the team is not part of the national league setup, with an emphasis on participation for all and a club motto of “family and fun.”

There is a fantastic and infectiously positive environment within the group, which has seen them won several awards including the Barclays Community Sports Award and the Team Ipswich Outstanding Club Award.


The game itself is played with powerchairs fitted with bumpers and consists of 2 teams of 4 of which 1 must be a goalie.

Only 2 players of the same team are allowed within the penalty area at any one time.

Only 1 player can tackle an opponent and contact must be on the bumper, any infringement will result in a free kick. There’s a 13” ball and the match consists of 2 x 20 minute halves.

One more rule… Have fun! The club’s open door policy means that all ages and all disabilities are very welcome, anyone wheelchair bound be it permanently or partially can join in.

The fun and positive engagement that the club and the sport offers has proven to instil a greater self confidence within its members that remains a permanent fixture long after the session has ended.


So if you or anyone you know would like to join in then you’ll be warmly welcomed. Please visit for further information.

Perhaps you’re not in a position to participate but would still like to play a part then the club is currently without a sponsor and would greatly welcome the support of a partner to help continue their great work that is genuinely putting a smile on so many faces.

Please get in touch.