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Go Ape – Thetford

Go Ape – Thetford

Set in the heart of Britain’s largest lowland pine forest, is Go Ape, a unique adventure park…

From treetops to Segways, be prepared to test your swing, balance and grip. This challenging but fun course will certainly put you through your paces, all surrounded by a backdrop of beautiful, green pines and a few bewildered squirrels.

The Bounce team were invited to test the course at Thetford Forest and first up was Forest Segways. We arrived 10 minutes before our allotted time and were given a list of rules to read and a waiver form to sign. The kind people behind the desk were able to look after all of our belongings, so don’t worry if you have bags and picnics, they will be stored in a safe place.

Before exploring the forest on our own, we acquainted ourselves with a self-balancing, all-terrain, electric Segway, but not without a safety briefing and training session first.

The key is to relax your knees and push your feet downwards. Turning is easy; simply move the handles in the direction you want to go, which comes naturally if you look at the corner you are about to take. As we practiced around a circular circuit, a few laps later and it was time to begin our forest adventure. At 6mph, we followed narrow, bumpy trails, which were a little more challenging, but great fun especially round the twisty corners!

There is usually always one, and that was me! Showing off for a video, let’s just say I lost my balance, almost fell off – apparently did an impressive one hand, one leg manoeuvre, but, I rescued myself and managed to get out in one piece – those martial art lessons have obviously helped my balance! You can view on Facebook!

We then explored the forest as a group but increased to the speed of 12mph. After a ride out into the forest, we arrived back at training camp, concluding our Segway experience.

After a quick picnic stop, we then went straight onto the Treetop Adventure. We were safely fitted with our harnesses and before climbing up into the trees we had a practice run around a short course, which was approximately 2 feet off the ground.

I rather liked the practice bit, there were two of us in the group who are not so keen on heights. I find I prefer to wobble about in the air with the certain knowledge that if I fall off the rope, I won’t fall to far. Putting me to shame, there were people flying across the ropes in the sky. The first cable crossing didn’t look all that intimidating until I had climbed up to it, then something primitive kicked in my brain, making me feel quite uneasy, but I overcame it and soldiered on.

On a couple of occasions there are ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’ options. My favourite part was the Tarzan Swing – a dangling rope that sees you freefall for an adrenaline-pumping moment, before being caught by a cargo net.  You’ll feel like you’ve had the most fun workout of your life – and that’s without mentioning how proud you’ll feel afterwards!

We had a totally unforgettable Go Ape experience! At the end of the course, after racing your partner down a double zip line, we were each presented with a certificate to prove our bravery. There is also a Go Ape Junior Treetop challenge for adventurous children and big kids.

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Go Ape Theford, Brandon, IP27 0AF