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Get a grip…

Get a grip…

As we all know the infrastructure around our beloved Suffolk isn’t great, there’s a lot of small winding roads which are often untreated at this time of year but how prepared are you?...

It’s easy to take for granted our car’s technology such as ABS but would you know what to do if your vehicle started to drift out of control? The right knowledge in that situation could well be the difference between life or death and thankfully our good friends over at Explore 4×4 can teach you all you need to know in how to avert disaster through their skid control course.

Held on the skid pan at RAF Honington, just North of Bury St Edmunds, Action Man (and Kevin) visited on a very brisk morning with the track treated to simulate a slippery winter surface.
With both front and rear wheel drive cars we had a great opportunity to test (and often break) the limits of the vehicles in these conditions whilst in the safety of a controlled environment.

Under the expert guidance of our experienced instructors Adrian and Richard we at first took our cars out for a couple of laps to get a feel for the vehicles and the road, once comfortable it was time to push it and in these conditions it doesn’t take much to lose control.

A rear wheel drive car will typically oversteer with the back end stepping out whilst front wheel drive cars (of which are the majority of cars on the road) will understeer with the car skidding straight despite your efforts to steer.

The key to both is not to jump on the breaks but to ease off the power and wait for the tyres to regain traction but please don’t take my word for it, the best way to learn is to do. You need to get a feel for this yourself so that should the need arise (touch wood it doesn’t) you are prepared and will instinctively know what to do.

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The half day course could prove invaluable but was also great fun, whilst it would be a different kettle of fish on the A14, drifting a car round a bend in a controlled environment doesn’t half put a smile on your face! We finished the day with a race round the track with control, poise and grace being key and of course, Action Man won!

To learn this potentially life saving skill and have great time in the process then get in touch with Explore 4×4 via www.explore-4× (whilst your there check out their other great activities!)

AM says: Get a grip! With Explore 4×4’s skid control course.