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FloatFit is a full body workout on a body length, unstable, floating platform.

It adds a new, effective dimension to an everyday workout using the AquaBase, the world’s first floating exercise mat. The 30 minute, water based class offers a fun and low impact session that still delivers a calorie torching and core strengthening workout.

Keen to give it a go, I paid a visit to East Anglia’s only current FloatFit location, FloatFit Ipswich at The Lodge, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich IP4 3QH. Run by Juliette and trainer George, their warm and inviting pool facility has enough room for 5 AquaBases and they offer a range of FloatFit HIIT, (High Intense Interval Training) and Pilates classes currently on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

I joined one of their HIIT sessions and entered the heated pool to make my way over to my AquaBase.

These are tethered so won’t shoot off should you fall in (akin to leaping onto your lilo on your holiday) however the board itself is very strong and will provide an excellent base, providing you can keep your balance. Unlike me, the new born baby giraffe on roller skates.

Once aboard my AquaBase (for now), our instructor George started our program. A sequence of 5 specific exercises that would build up from just a set of 1 to all 5 movements in one sitting and then back down to 1, with our recovery movement, which was kind of like running on the spot in between sets. Now 30 minutes doesn’t seem that long but trust me it’s certainly enough.

You won’t even do that many reps but on water everything feel different. Your standard push up feels more like you’re pushing the board down into the water rather than your body away from the floor, as a result you have to work harder whilst also maintaining your balance. There are simplified or more complex levels to each exercises, ensuring that whatever your level of fitness you can complete the workout.

FloatFit founders AquaPhysical’s press release states “often participants don’t realise it’s actually an exercise class until they wake up the following morning!” Well that’s certainly the case, my body knew it had quite the workout. The intricate stabilisation muscles, which can often go untouched had to work overtime to keep me on the AquaBase.

That didn’t always work as I ended up in the drink many times but I’ll put that down to the maximum Action Man effort in a bid to bring you the best review rather than my very poor sense of balance.

For more info and booking details search ‘FloatFit Ipswich’ on Facebook. It’s an exercise experience like no other that I guarantee you will love, I even suggest doing it as a group, it’s great fun, I’ve never laughed so much during a workout.

Action Man says: FloatFit’s a hit, your workout will going swimmingly 😉