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Float away

Float away

The Bounce team review the Floatation Centre based at the Moreton Hall Health Club in Bury St Edmunds…

Floatation Therapy is such a simple idea, yet some of the benefits just seem too good to be true. But they are real, and scientific research has proven that floating is great for our health.

If we are stressed or unwell, sometimes we can all benefit from a good nights sleep, a float can work in much the same way.

It can help with muscular pain, fertility, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and much more.

The Bounce team were invited to the Moreton Hall Health Club for a 40-minute session in one of the tanks to see what we thought of the floatation experience.

What Rachel thought: 

“When we arrived at the floatation centre, we were warmly greeted by Sarah who explained the floatation process to us.

As I am someone who finds it incredibly difficult to switch off, I was sceptical that I could clear my mind from my thoughts for more than five minutes.

As soon as I stepped into the water, immediately I felt a change in my skin. The salts had instantly made it feel softer than normal.

It was a wonderful feeling to start floating instantly and to feel weightless.

Within five to ten minutes, to my surprise, I had almost fallen asleep to the sound of the music. Throughout the session I kept drifting in and out of slumber state!

It felt like a miracle that for just 40 minutes I had not thought about anything. Almost like being in a meditative mindset.

A few hours after the float, I felt like I had been on holiday. It was like being out in the sun for a few hours. I will definitely use this, as a way to relax, and much prefer it to having a massage.”

If you want to experience a float prices are:

For Moreton Hall Members:

Single: £10.00

Couple: £15.00

Unlimited Single: £10.00 p/month

Unlimited Couple: £18.00 p/month

For Non-Members

Single: £25.00

Couple: £29.50

Unlimited Single: £14.50p/month

Unlimited Couple: £27.00 p/month

Quote ‘Bounce’ and you will receive 25% off your first float. *Non MHHC members only. Visit