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Eriswell Lodge

Eriswell Lodge

Last month saw Action Man turn 35, which is often a career ending milestone for professional athletes, but through these articles I’ve always tried to demonstrate that it’s more about what’s in your head and heart rather than your muscles, irrelevant of your age, sex, size, shape or ability anyone can #getsomeaction

One such activity that is ideal for all is clay shooting which can be found at the excellent setting of Eriswell Lodge near Lakenheath.

The ground has only been open since 2015, but boasts some top class facilities, which has recently hosted the national inter-continental championships along with a series of regular regional competitions.

However, fret not as you don’t need to be a highly qualified professional to attend, the club is open Wednesdays to Sunday’s for non-members along with its 200+ members ranging from 7 to 94 years young.

Corporate events are also very welcome with director Stuart Smith and his team tailor making a package to your specific shooting and catering requirements.

Even if you haven’t held a shotgun before then there’s no greater location to do so than Eriswell Lodge, under the watchful eye of one of their highly qualified instructors on one of their ‘have-a-go’ or ‘tuition’ packages.

On a bright and very breezy Saturday morning I attended a 1-on-1 tuition session with Eriswell Lodge resident beginners instructor Tosh.

I have shoot a couple of times before but still had much to learn, thankfully Tosh was on hand throughout to steer me in the right direction.

Now there’s not too much that looks and feels as good as looking down those barrels, pulling that trigger and turning a flying 12cm clay target into dust, apart from maybe when you do that to a pair, one straight after the other, a feat that I managed a few times thanks to Tosh’s instructions.

Eriswell Lodge really does cater for all, it offers the widest range of shooting disciplines in the region for all of your game, sporting or skeet requirements, whilst also fulfilling your palate as the clubhouse provides a full range of hot and cold food and drink choices.

With further exciting times ahead as plans are approved for a new building increasing the office, clubhouse, shop and function hosting capabilities I look forward to returning soon.

Action Man says: whether your a crack shot or if it’s a shot in the dark you’d be a fool to dodge Eriswell Lodge.