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CrossFit Games…

CrossFit Games…

In last September’s edition of Bounce I wrote about my first foray into the global fitness phenomenon that is CrossFit, I even touched on the search for the fittest athlete on earth in CrossFit’s annual championship,

Now I was and still am a relative novice to the sport and therefore conceded that I probably wouldn’t be in the running for the $250,000 top prize… this year.

However I was encouraged by my gym (aka ‘box’ in CrossFit terminology) gang to participate under the guise of “it’ll be fun” but despite the fact I knew I would struggle with certain elements I was keen to use this as a benchmark to kick-on my CrossFit journey.

The competition starts with ‘The Open’ which is available to all entrants at all levels and comprises of 5 workouts specifically designed for the event with their details a closely guarded secret.

One workout is released every Thursday night for 5 weeks, you then have until the following Monday night to complete it at a CrossFit affiliated Box under the trained eye of a CrossFit affiliated coach and then submit your score online. It all sounds quite serious but we are talking about the world championship of a highly competitive, professional, sport and you can’t help but get caught up in the hype leading up to the workout reveals.

For those still contemplating CrossFit then fret not, your local box is not filled with reebok clad, dumbbell hurling hooligans, quite the opposite in fact. A CrossFit workout has a number of different scaled difficulty levels to ensure that you get the best workout for your ability until the time you are ready for the top end RX workout.

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open got underway with over 400,000 competitors and I was able to give a good account of myself for the first 2 workouts 18.1 & 18.2, the follow week however was a different kettle of fish. A work conference saw me in Sri Lanka the following week, undeterred I found the nearest CrossFit gym, 90% humidity made the going tough but thanks to the support of CrossFit Colombo I happily ticked 18.3 off the list.

The final two workouts saw the difficulty level rise and my capabilities fail with some technical movements but this has only served to spur me on to bigger and better things in 2019 as I am to better my 160,534th final position, which sadly isn’t enough to see me qualify for the Europe regional event in Berlin, with the top competitors there going forward to the final in Las Vegas.The Open has also helped me integrate further into my box and the wider CrossFit community, both of which I feel immensely proud to be a part of.

Action Man says: For the first time I can proudly say that I am a crossfitter! You can too! Join me a Grange Fitness & Performance Centre in Martlesham or visit to find you nearest box.