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Bury St Edmunds best hamburgers…

Bury St Edmunds best hamburgers…

This month the Bounce Magazine team were kindly invited along to Bryon Hamburgers in Bury St Edmunds…

‘Byron Hamburgers has been hot on my ‘must try list’ since its opening in Bury St Edmunds almost two years ago, so I was very excited to be invited along to sample a Byron Hamburger by the branch manager Sarah.

I’m usually very cautious when visiting chain restaurants. They either serve up bland, uninteresting food, or you walk away feeling very unhealthy. Although, on this occasion, I am delighted to report an exception to this rule is Byron, who have a growing chain of burger restaurants scattered throughout the UK.


Oscar, who was looking after us on this particular evening, escorted us to one of the funky vintage booths. We couldn’t help but notice its very unique décor within the building and interestingly no Bryron venue has the same interior.

I was also delighted to find out that all of the food, including sauces and marinades, are all made freshly on site. How many chain restaurants do you know who do that?  As my fellow ‘Bouncers’ and I browsed the mouth-watering menu, there seemed an excellent selection available, even though they have clearly purposefully kept the food menu small and select. This months special, was the Korean themed offering, complete with Kimchi! Having visited Korea before I couldn’t wait to try some Kimchi!


The restaurant doesn’t really do ‘starters’ as such, but Oscar convinced us that having some nibbles from the ‘While You Wait’ section of the menu would be a good idea, and since we know from past experience… it takes us ages to choose what to order, so we agreed.

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What caught my eye were the Seoul Chicken Wings. I was super impressed with these, they were juicy with an intense kick of a spice found in the Korean Gochuchang Sauce and served with a Blue Cheese Dip, which I love to counteract that heat. We had 12 to share, however, luckily we also ordered some Chicken Nuggets, which were perfectly crispy, not greasy and probably the best nuggets I have had! Then it was time for the main event…


“Byron’s burgers are made with good beef and they are served medium. And it shows. The burgers are full of flavour, juicy and really nicely cooked. You’ll never want a cardboard McDonalds frisbee again.”

The buns are squishy and have a shiny brioche top, they are soft, but still manage to manfully hold on to its contents before giving up and collapsing somewhere around the last bite.

All burgers are also served with a slice of gherkin on the side, which I think is rather cute!

SO what did we decide on? Ruth ordered the Smoky. ‘Mature Cheddar, Smokey Bacon, Crispy Fried Onions and a chilli BBQ sauce’. To make this even more delicious she added sliced avocado, which is why it ended up so big. Though its great to have the option of adding extras and way too tempting!


James went all out and chose the Kimcheese, which was the special. A ‘6oz Burger with Korean BBQ Glaze, Streaky Bacon, Freddar Cheese, Crispy Onions, Kimchi Cucumbers, Gochuchang Sauce ans Ssamjang Mayonnasie’. He really enjoyed it! The Double Bacon Cheese jumped out at Sam, of course he would always order the biggest! ‘Two 6oz Burgers with Freddar Cheese, Dry Cure Bacon, Pickles, Ketchup and American Mustard’. I had a bite, and I have to say it tasted incredible. I like the fact they don’t try and put TOO many ingredients with the burger, that the patty itself gets lost in the detail, but just enough to highlight the meat.

I decided upon the Classic Chicken, ‘Grilled with Iceburg Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles and Bryron Sauce’. I don’t often go for Chicken burgers and they are so often a let down with dry over cooked meat, but this one was certainly an exception. I also opted for the added extra of Jalapeños – a wise decision! We also selected a few sides to complete the meal, some Sweet Potato Fries, Gangnan Fries (which were again off the Korean special French Fries topped with Freddar Cheese Sauce, Jalapeños and Gochuchang Sauce), very yummy! A helping of Mac and Cheese… it was delicious – a smooth, thick sauce with perfectly unctious mac, covered with a gooey cheese topping, and finally some Courgette Fries – thick cut strips in a light batter – also delicious and definitely not a healthy option – yay!


As if we couldn’t fit in any more food, we’d been advised to try the Oreo Freaksake, which you can order as a drink or dessert. To share it was the perfect end to the meal an Oreo Milkshake, Brownie, Cream, Oreo Biscuits, Caramel and Honeycomb. Need I say more?


So why do we love Byron Hamburgers? Because it takes good beef, minces it fresh, griddles it and slips it between a soft, fresh-baked bun. It’s the perfect size, well cooked, definitely not overly greasy. I can truly agree that this was a ‘Proper Hamburger.


I think I can safely speak on behalf of all the Bounce team when I say we left content, satisfied and will be visiting again very soon!