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Blink XT Camera

Blink XT Camera

Going on a summer holiday, but worried about leaving your home unprotected, well I have the perfect solution…

Blink’s not new, I tested their indoor security camera last year. What is new is the Blink XT, an indoor/outdoor IP65 rated version of their popular wire-free camera.

Great for inside or outdoors, night or day, Blink XT is their latest wire-free security camera and can be intergrated with other systems.

Blink XT is a Blink Clone. Well, except for this…FHD video! That’s right, where Blink original records in 720p, Blink XT records in 1080p. Like the original camera, Blink XT uses a static image position which it monitors using a 110-degree field of view.

What makes Blink special is its ability to run on a battery for up to two years. In the camera industry, that’s an amazing feat.

If you own a current Blink system, you will be happy to know that Blink XT is compatible with your current Sync module.

From a home security perspective, this cross-compatibility is important as one Sync can support ten cameras, including a mix of XTs and the original version. If you own a current Blink system, you’ll be unhappy to know that there is a new Sync Module on the way and it’s way better.

So, what did I think?…

Whilst away on a recent trip out of the UK, I armed my cameras around the house.

I was so impressed with the quality of image and the fact you can also hear sound.

In fact, the highlight of my time away was listening to my mother chat with my cats, she didn’t realise they could pick up the sound!

I felt safe to leave my home in the knowledge I could check in at any point.

A big thumbs up to Blink’s new camera on the block.

Product Details:

HD Video

Temperature Sensor

Motion Detection


Instant Alerts

Live View

Outdoor Use

Infrared Night Vision

The New Video Doorbell

Also on the way? A Blink Video Doorbell!

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