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Action Man vs Ultimate Ninja!

Action Man vs Ultimate Ninja!

Action Man vs Ultimate Ninja! No, it’s not a cheap B movie that you’ll find straight to DVD! In fact AM paid a visit Ultimate Ninja UK in Colchester, it’s an obstacle riddled fitness centre offering a unique exercise experience.

You may in fact recognise some of the apparatus as the centre takes its inspiration from the hit ITV show Ninja Warrior with identical obstacles like the quintuple steps, dancing stones and warped wall to name but a few. A lot of these challenges and stages can also be found at almost every obstacle course race (OCR) which makes Ultimate Ninja UK an excellent location to learn and perfect your technique and skills. The obstacles are set out in a full two lane race course so you can challenge your friends and colleagues to a timed lap and to see who can claim the title #IAMNINJA and have a shot at the Ultimate Ninja UK leaderboard. Please don’t be put of by the serious challenges designed to test even dedicated athletes they are quite flexible and great fun for all budding Ultimate Ninjas even those as young as eight, you’d be the talk of the playground with a Ninja Birthday party!


I joined their ultimate OCR fitness class which runs every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning which truly tests your limits with an hour long circuit comprising of weights and body weight exercises encompassing a number of the obstacles. Regular attendance of this class will have you Ultimate Ninja fit in no time! In fact whilst writing this feature it’s been 7 hours since I finished the class and my arms still ache! However, if you’re just looking for some freedom, specific obstacle training or would rather take things at your open pace then book an hour of Ninja Training for full access of the course at a cost of just £10 when booked online at


How many laps can you complete in an hour? For a fraction of the cost to your standard obstacle course race you can run riot around the Ultimate Ninja complex in the same time your average 10km OCR would take. Thankfully there’s a cafe on site to provide some much needed refreshments and should your partner chose not to partake in the Ninja madness then the facility with also includes the Energyze fitness centre has an open gym, martial arts dojo with a full range of classes plus yoga, pilates and bounce trampoline fitness classes.

For further info check search Ultimate Ninja UK on Facebook.

Confucius say: to be obstacle master you must attend Ultimate Ninja.

Action Man say: #getsomeaction