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Action Man tried Fight Klub…

Action Man tried Fight Klub…

Following my two week all inclusive vacation in the States, if this body was found on a beach it would be surrounded by a team from Green Peace trying to roll me back into the sea!

So it’s time to get my fitness back, I need to fight the fat and kick the candy. There’s no better place to do that than Fight Klub!

The high intensity, Martial Arts styled, drum’n’bass fuelled workout, was actually founded over 10 years ago by former professional swimmer Troy Dureh, but it’s popularity has exploded over the past 18 months making it one of the fasted growing exercise classes in the country and now boasts over 500 locations in the UK.

A combination of punches and kicks to a number of punch bags shared in small groups will have you moving throughout the hour long class.

Guidance is delivered constantly by your instructor / MC along to the tune of your favourite drum’n’bass classics, all combined with series of disco lights which really helps deliver the nightclub party feel good factor.

The group is encouraged to whoop and holla along to the instructions and beats, which only adds to the already fever pitch energy in the room, it is infectious and you can’t help but feel motivated and really get stuck in.

Do you struggle with self motivation during a workout?

Well you certainly won’t at Fight Klub! In fact I guarantee you’ll want to go again and take your friends along with you to join the party!

You’re too busy raving to even think about the workout you enduring, I didn’t actually feel too overworked or out of breathe yet my sweat filled Action Man t-shirt tells a different story.

The class delivers a fun yet thorough fat burning cardiovascular workout without the impact that a tarmac pounding run might, perfect for anyone looking to start a new regime.

For my taster I joined my local group Fight Klub Ipswich ( also on FB) who offer Fight Klub classes in Ipswich every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with a similar ‘Totally Shredded’ class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Exercise shouldn’t be this much fun but it is, go check them out!

For other Suffolk based Bounce readers there are also classes in Stowmarket, Thetford, Lowestoft, Beccles & Sudbury and for those even further afield visit to search for your nearest venue.

Action Man says: the first rule of Fight Klub is… that you tell everyone about Fight Klub!