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Action Man does Disneyworld…

Action Man does Disneyworld…

Purely for the benefit of our Bounce readers, (note for editor: receipts in the post)… Action Man went

international and crossed the pond for an adventure filled vacation in the magical home of Mickey Mouse…


Always considered the destination of dreams for my generation during our youth, sadly, I never had to opportunity to go, but now I have the chance to relive my childhood through my own children so we headed to Florida for a fortnight.

The magic immediately begins from the moment you land at Orlando airport and board your Disney Magical Express coach that transports you into the world “where dreams come true.”

We stayed at one of Disney’s own hotel complexes ‘Port Orleans French Quarter’ which, along with our quick serve dining plan, gave us an access all areas all-inclusive 14 day Disney fest.

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For any of you considering a trip to “the most magical place on earth” and are trying to weigh up the choice of dining plan and in-resort stay versus the self catering villa Method, then I can certainly recommend the former. With easy access, all your transport included, this package is much easier for families and does return value for money. Worried that the dining plan isn’t enough? fret not, the portion sizes means you won’t use all of your allocation equivalent to 2 meals and 2 snacks per day. Disney World is actually split into 4 parks with their own style: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. There is also the water parks of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, but due to some inclement weather and a hectic schedule we’ll have to review those another time.

Hollywood Studios is film based with Disney classics such as Mary Poppins mixing with the latest Pixar epics, the infamous Tower of Terror ride and features a strong Star Wars presence.

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Animal Kingdom centred with its magical Tree of Life takes you from the depths of the African rainforest to the peak of Everest with a fun mix of rides for any age or size. The safari was such a highlight (we did it twice) and then there’s the awe inspiring and brand new Pandora: Land of Avatar, based on the film, the latest rides are breathtaking as is the scenery, even more impressive lit up at night.


Epcot is Disney’s look to the future with a fun and educational look to the land, sea and stars. The World Showcase is an epic tour of the globe as you step between continents and cultures. Then there’s the big one, Magic Kingdom. Whatever your age you can’t help to succumb to the magic as you walk down Main Street towards the castle. This place has it all, itself separated into themed areas it truly is the place “where dreams come true” so much so that I’m smiling whilst writing this.

Action Man says:  I’ve broken world records and competed in world championships, some big ticks on the bucket list but this is the biggest tick of them all.