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Action Man Does CrossFit…

Action Man Does CrossFit…

In my seemingly never ending quest to turn dadbod into radbod Action Man has turned to the current buzzword in fitness… CrossFit.

The exercise regime was only officially trademarked in 2000, but now boasts over 13,000 worldwide locations and its own global competition the ‘CrossFit Games’, which has a global television coverage and of which its champions can claim the title “fittest on earth”… (oh a just a little cheque for $250,000)!

For those who are looking to take their fitness to the next level, or to seriously kick start a new regime, then CrossFit is for you. Don’t let the muscle bound, Reebok clad, kettle bell chucking beasts deter you for there is a very strong emphasis on team spirit.

The workout of the day (aka WOD), will be a mixture of high intensity interval training, combing aerobic exercises, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, to push the body to its absolute limits of strength, endurance and flexibility. The exercises, weights and resistances are tailored to your abilities so despite a lack of experience you won’t feel left behind and it won’t be too long before you learn the lingo, and know your squat from your lunge and your swing from your snatch.

The hour long session comprises of a warmup, a training segment (preparing you and setting limits for what’s to come), the WOD followed by a warm down and stretch. Each WOD is different so there is no risk of a boring monotonous solo gym session, whilst also within your group / class you’ll be individually tasked to complete the required exercises within a set repetition or time limit. The group environment really encourages you whilst also delivering a subconscious competitive element all of which helps deliver your best possible workout.

At your CrossFit affiliated gym, (aka Box), your not just a member your part of a family, a clan, all on the same path, all pulling in the same direction. This sense of belonging, being part of a bigger picture really helps strive to work harder which can only help you meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Having undertaken half a dozen WODs now, I have gone through a vast array of emotions and feelings. From ‘I want to throw up’ to ‘that felt great’, into ‘I cant feel my legs’ and then ‘I want more!’ In conclusion, my fitness levels need some serious work but CrossFit is the answer!

So I aim to continue my CrossFit training at my local Box GFP, (Grange Fitness & Performance), in Martlesham and who knows maybe next year Action Man will be gracing the CrossFit Games stage soon (maybe). GFP run by Matt Brennan and his great team offer an excellent CrossFit and general health & fitness service in a fun & friendly environment. If anyone is considering trying CrossFit then I can highly recommend their services and I would be happy to make an introduction. For those further a field or if you’d like more info visit

Action Man says: at CrossFit I’ll be turning what was once carved from butter and forging it in iron!