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A lazy afternoon on the river… not!

A lazy afternoon on the river… not!

Action Man & Mrs Action Man had a weekend in the city and one great way to see the London sights is from the water…

A weekend away with yours truly always entails the Action Man twist so our wee excursion was on a 740 horse powered twin turbo rigid inflatable boat (RIB) which blasted us 15 miles down the river and back again in just over an hour!


Thames RIB Experience ( offer “the ultimate boat experience” and it certainly is that (for adrenalin junkies such as myself, if punting down the Cam is more your thing then you’re in for a shock!) We arrived at the Tower Millennium Pier, next to the Tower of London, on a fairly damp & brisk Saturday afternoon but thankfully we were handed a warm and waterproof jacket along with the lift jacket. We then boarded one of their five RIBs with this one interestingly called “Exterminator”, the vessels have a maximum capacity of 12 with 6 comfortably padded benches, once seated we had then safety briefing and then we were off!

From the quay we headed East, we started off at a moderate pace and passed under Tower Bridge but once we were clear of traffic the vessel, which played a part in James Bond’s ‘Spectre’, opened up and to the tune of the James Bond theme through the boats PA systems we spectacularly shot past Canary Wharf, the Cutty Sark, Royal Greenwich Observatory, the O2 and then out to London City Airport and through the Thames barrier. The conditions on the day made the Thames a little choppy but that only added to the experience with boat seemingly hitting the occasional wave and going airborne for a split-second. We thrillingly twisted and turned our way up the river, waving in jest at the meandering pleasure cruisers and plodding water taxis.

Our white-knuckle water based wander was accompanied with a bit of commentary from the boat crew with some interesting facts and details on the river, local buildings and the Thames Barrier. We then headed back at the G-force pulling frantic pace, skipping through the wake of passed vessels, following the “hold on tight” instructions printed on the steps in front of us but then easing off on our approach to Tower Bridge, as we cruise through the centre of London to give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy the ride hope. A rendition of Happy Birthday for one of the other passengers helped with this.

All in all it was a truly thrilling ride that I would recommend to all, Thames RIB Experience offer a wide range of packages with our Thames Barrier Experience lasting 75 minutes to a shorter 20 minute blast to the O2 and back.

Action Man says: From the Tower Bridge moat to a V8 powered boat, you’ll want a Thames RIB Experience on your next trip to London!