RevAir… the world’s first reverse-air hairdryer

When Dyson launched their Supersonic hairdryer followed by the Dyson Airwrap it sent the beauty industry crazy.

Now the latest beauty tool to cause a stir in the industry is the RevAir, the world’s first reverse-air hairdryer.

We wish there were more hours in the day, so why not take some off your styling time.

Dry even the curliest hair straight in a fraction of the time of your usual blow dry with the new RevAir, and its innovative reverse-air suction technology.

RevAir is exactly what you need if you want a silkier, smoother blowdry using less heat, 50% less energy and achieved in a third of the time.

This innovative design uses reverse-air suction technology to dry even the curliest hair straight in a fraction of the time a usual blow dry would take.

Featuring seven levels of reverse-air speed and three heat levels and you don’t even need a brush.



RevAir’s innovative reverse-air technology uses suction to dry hair in a way far superior to blow drying. Heat is pulled inward, not blown out, providing a more pleasant, cooler experience. Surface water is pulled away allowing the heat to work more quickly and effectively. Plus, using 50% less energy than conventional blow drying, RevAir is not only FASTER, HEALTHIER and EASIER, but GREENER too.


EVEN DRYING from root to tip as heat is applied within a confined space.

LONGER LASTING STYLES thanks to its enhanced drying which builds stronger hydrogen bond links.

LESS FRIZZ because air flows in the natural direction of the cuticles, smoothing them for softness.

LUMINOUS SHINE as hair strands are automatically aligned.

EFFORTLESSLY STRAIGHTENS so, no need for damaging brush work.

What we thought…

“After using the RevAir just once, I will find it hard to go back to using a normal hair dryer again (and I didn’t think I had a bad one).

It cuts down getting ready time by straightening your hair as well as drying it.

It also leaves it soft, sleek and as it doesn’t use much heat you are confident you are not doing any damage.

I would really recommend this product to anyone who wants that salon finish in the comfort of their own home”.

Rachel Ducker – Bounce Editor