Pow Pots…

An amazing collection of contemporary plant pots hand-painted in the UK. Every Pow Pot is unique and special…

Pow Pots offer people a cool, colourful and contemporary alternative to traditional plant pots.

All Pow Pots are designed and hand-painted by owner Nathalie in her home studio, and feature eye-catching patterns in striking colours, inspired by mid-century, Australian and Scandinavian design.

These beautiful patterned pots will make a style statement anywhere, from slick urban spaces to classic country gardens. Made from fibreclay, Pow Pots are smooth and solid to touch, but lightweight, frostproof and much stronger than traditional ceramic and terracotta planters.

They’re kinder to the environment too. The pots are individually handmade, naturally air-dried and painted with eco-friendly paints that are hard-wearing, with a matt and modern finish. Every pot gets the seal of approval with the Pow Pots logo stamped underneath.

Pow Pots are available in 1 classic shape, 4 sizes, 6 colours and 10 debut designs, so you can mix and match to create your own personalised collection. Bespoke colours also available on request.

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