Pop-Culture Inspired Gift Guide 2020

Pop-culture is a widely used term. Many things fall into this category, including tv shows, films, books, and music. No matter what your friend is into, they are bound to have a tv show or book series that they love, so take it as an easy source of inspiration and follow this guide to find something they will love:

1)    Framed Art

Art is something we can all appreciate, but everyone has different tastes. If the art is of something they love, you can almost guarantee it’s their taste. If you can find an artist that creates art inspired by their favourite show, for example, this can make a great gift. Instagram is a good place to find artists, so this can be a good place to find more artistic renditions of their interests. You could also look for prints or posters directly from the show; paired with a nice frame, they make an easy and tasteful gift.

2)    Collectible Items

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves collecting things, then Nendoroids of their favourite game characters, tv show characters or anime characters are a great option. These are popular collectible figurines and make an ideal gift. There are also other kinds of collectible figures that exist too; you should try to take a look at what they already have or collect if possible, so you know the kinds they already have or like to collect. If they don’t have any, then you can buy them the first to start their collection!

3)    DIY Gifts

If you are a crafty person, then a personalised DIY gift is bound to impress them. There are plenty of easy DIY gifts that can be made personal and interesting when you take their pop-culture love as inspiration. Making a cushion with an applique logo, or baking cookies in the shapes of their favourite characters are both great ideas. Utilise whatever skills you have and your imagination, and there are so many great possibilities!

4)    Tickets to an Event or Screening

If you know they love going out to events or their favorite film is screening at the cinema, tickets are a great gift. Even better, you can buy 2 tickets and enjoy the event or screening with them! Just be sure it is not something they already have tickets to first. If there is an event like a comic-con you know they are going to, you could also offer them a ‘gift-card’ for this event, meaning that you will buy them something at the event if they find an item they want. Events like Comic-con often have tons of merchandise for sale, a treasure-trove for pop-culture fans, so having your ‘gift-card’ on top of their own spending money will be much appreciated.

5)    Unique Handmade Gifts

If you don’t have faith in your own DIY skills, you could rely on someone who makes a living from their artistry. There are plenty of great artists in the world, some of whom craft handmade items inspired by pop-culture. From jewellery makers to seamstresses, there are so many talented people out there, who, in turn, are fans of pop-culture. This is a great way to find unique items, as well as support smaller businesses. Instagram is a great way to find these people, but a quick Google search might also do the trick.

Buying gifts is always tricky but giving someone a gift that is thoughtful shows that you care about them. Ultimately, you know them best, so only you can decide what is the most suitable present to gift them. Hopefully, this list has opened up some ideas and options for you, good luck!