Plateaway… eating in never tasted so good!

Plateaway who are thrilled to announce they now deliver a huge selection of restaurant favourites nationwide including DIY Pan-n-ice, Dirty Bones and Little Pasta Company!

Plateaway’s restaurant partners have something for everyone, with vegetarian and vegan options across many brands!

The restaurants now available to be delivered nationwide are:

  • Patty&Bun
  • Dirty Bones
  • Burger & Beyond
  • Taca
  • Yummy PB
  • Kodawari
  • Little Pasta Company
  • Berenjak
  • Makes Miso Hungry
  • Pan-n-ice
  • Lords of Poke
  • Treats club
  • Mon Dessert

Plateaway is proud to have partnered with over 35 restaurants, something for every foodie!

The Little Pasta Company make handmade pasta in Surrey, UK, bringing a taste of Italy directly to your door! We tried out one of the kits, here is what we thought…

“We are in lockdown again, bordom has truly set it, but a delivery at the door brings a little bit of excitement.

A box gift wrapped with a pale green bow now sits on the dining room table. We open it to find a starter of fresh antipasti, and all the ingredients you need to make fresh Tagliatelle with Black Truffle Butter.

No need to worry about measuring or guessing – its all perfectly portioned for you, and includes a recipe card. All dishes can be prepared in around 5 minutes!

We absolutely loved our dining at home experience from the cooking to the indulging! Who needs to go out when you can get restaurant quality food in?

Plateaway is available from £12 at