From muted shades to flamboyant prints, the versatile pairing of pink and green is fast-becoming the go-to colour trend of the year.

With over 400,000 Instagram hashtags and an average of 3,000 Google searches each month this year, Prestigious Textiles’ head designer Marie Parry has revealed why the combination is so popular, and how to introduce it into a home.


  • From sage and blush green to emerald and dusky pink, there is a huge range of shade variations to choose from when designing a space inspired by the two on-trend colours.
  • The versatility of the pairing can inspire a mood or feel within a space, for example, to achieve a more calming interior scheme, muted shades of pink and green help create a feeling of sanctuary.
  • The pink and green colour spectrum ranges from the bold to the subtle, with energising deep teal and flashes of fuchsia, to calming clay pink and olive green. The colour pairing offers a warm and cool colour balance, meaning they work together harmoniously in any shade range.


  • Either pair the colours with plain accessories to create a block colour scheme, or alternatively, they also work as a striking design and can complete a look with a pattern.
  • For a simple nod to the trend, use muted shades of pink and green into a neutral interior. To create a more maximalist look, choose a vibrant print that combines the two colours to add personality into a pink and green space. 
  • Choose a statement wallpaper or fabric to inject both colours and a pattern into the interior. Embrace the subtle tones of green and pink and pair them up with colourful prints to create an interior that is both energising and calming.

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