Philips PerfectCare 8000 Series steam generator with speed mode

Is that to-iron pile getting high? It might be time to invest in a steam generator iron.

The PerfectCare 8000 Series offers effortless ironing with our new motion sensor technology. It allows vertical and horizontal ironing with automatic steam.

If you iron your bed sheets or larger items of clothing regularly then a steam generator iron might be better suited to your needs than a traditional steam iron. They expel steam at a higher pressure in order to remove deep creases from both sides of a garment at the same time, helping to speed things up.

There are two types of steam generator iron: non-pressurised and pressurised. Non-pressurised models work in a similar way to regular steam irons, but their steam output is much higher. Pressurised models are ideal for the most stubborn of creases, as they have boilers that force steam out more powerfully and can penetrate fabric more deeply. The pressure level is measured in bars and generally ranges from 5 to 8.

In order to expel more steam, steam generator irons have a separate water tank, which can make them bulky and harder to store compared to traditional steam irons. They also cost more, with the models on our list ranging from a reasonable £67.50 to a super-charged £499.99.

The review

This iron is a good weight with a comfortable handle, and the crease removal doesn’t disappoint.

The “optimalTEMP” technology claims to iron everything without risk of burning, too. On test, it coped well with all the fabric types we ironed.

We also liked the intelligent automatic steam mode that adjusted the steam levels based on the movement of the iron. It’s easy to operate and user-friendly, making it an all-round strong performer.

About this item

  • Speed mode that adapts steam to your ironing speed
  • Intelligent automatic steam for effortless ironing
  • Automatic vertical steam to steam and refresh garments
  • OptimalTEMP technology, no burns guaranteed*
  • Powerful automatic steam release

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