Pest-Proofing 101: Dealing With Rats

The winter months can bring a lot of challenges when it comes to pest control, one of the biggest being rodents. Mice and rats tend to seek out cosy spaces to nest in and shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, the UK is home to millions of rats, and all of us have spaces within our homes that would make perfect nests for them. So Pest-proofing is vital to preserving the stability and sanctity of your home; read on to find out more.

The Roof

You might not know this: but rats love roofs. In doing so, they often find themselves a way into your loft. Check out your roof, look at your vents, and see if any areas need to be fortified. Over time the weather can break down the materials in your roof to leave gaps for the rodents to get in. check whether or not your chimney is capped. If the rats have already made a home in your loft, then it is easier to set traps because the loft is often the least used space in the house.

The Garden

Take a look around your property for signs of rodents, especially in your garden. Keep an eye out for nests, droppings, rubbish, or burrows. Rats are burrowing creatures; a few burrows can be an indication of a whole network of tunnels underneath your garden. If you aren’t sure whether the burrows are active, then put something down the holes like a rock which you can then come back to see whether or not it has been disturbed, giving you an idea of whether the burrows are active. If they are, then filling them in won’t do much; the rodents will simply make more tunnels. Instead, you need to get rid of them use traps or deterrents to encourage the rats to leave.

The Cellar

Not every home has a cellar, but those that do often neglect it. If you have rats in your garden, then they could e burrowing under your home and into your cellar. Again, check the points of entry to ensure that they are sealed up properly. The cellar is another place that is easy to bait because it isn’t a high trafficked area. Use the type of traps that you feel comfortable with; whether that is lethal or humane, it comes down to your preference. If you have an infestation, then dealing with it yourself may not be within your skillset. If that is the case, then you should look into pest control companies like Advance Pest Control Bristol who can be reached at They can help you get rid of your pests and regain control of your home.

To Sum Up

Realistically, prevention is always better and easier than curing. If you want to pest-proof your home, then you need to be thorough. Rodents are wily and cunning. If they can find their way in, then they will. Look around your property and think like a rat. Are you unwittingly attracting them or making it easier for them? Take the steps to safeguard your property and protect your investment; a rat infestation can be incredibly costly.