Pamper Treatments You Need To Treat Yourself To After Lockdown

It has certainly been a long, dark, difficult winter, but the spring is finally here, and it looks like we might actually have a summer to look forward to. It’s time to take off the big winter hoodie and our slippers and step out into the fresh air. We have all been through an awful lot over the last twelve months, and when things finally start to reopen, it is high time that we treat ourselves.

The little things that we do to give our appearance and our mood a boost are so important. They help us to remember that normal life is coming back and to draw a line under the hard times we’ve been through. So, with better times on the way, here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best.

Make That Appointment At The Hair Salon

If we made a list of everything we’ve been missing, we’d need a sheet of paper a mile long. However, there are very few things that we’ve mourned as much as the end of regular trips to get our hair done. How we feel about how our hair looks can have a huge impact on our mood and our confidence, and with all due respect to whoever has been helping you to cut yours during the lockdown, there is simply no substitute for a professional hair treatment. Whether you want to get your old style back, or whether you want to try something completely different, get out there and support your local hair salon!

Take Care Of Those Brows And Lashes

With everyone staying home and pretty much the only contact we have with other people taking place over a phone or laptop screen, it would be fair to say that we have let some elements of our regular beauty routine go over the last few months. Well, when you finally get to go out with your friends again, you are going to want to look your best.

A microblading treatment can sharpen and transform your eyebrows by depositing pigment in your skin to give the appearance of a fuller brow, while lash extensions can enhance your existing lashes. Lash and Brow Studio in Bristol offers a range of treatments from lash extensions to brow laminations to help you face the brighter weather looking and feeling your best, so book in today!

Give Your Muscles A Break With A Massage

How many hours a day do you spend with your shoulders hunched over your computer, set up in the most convenient (or warmest!) spot? When was the last time you had a proper massage? We have all been guilty of not looking after our muscles and joints over the last year or so, especially with outside time being limited, so now is the time to make that appointment. If you’re feeling guilty about a pamper treatment, you should also remember that looking after your muscles and your posture is an important step towards better health too!