Our Top Tips For First Time Cat Owners

Owning your first cat is always going to be such a fun and rewarding experience. People say that you will never forget your first pet, and it’s true. Your first pet will always have a special place in your heart as they can provide you with unconditional love and affection. But that isn’t to say having a pet is easy, even owning a cat takes a lot of work and dedication, so you need to be prepared. Within this article, we will go over our top tips for first-time cat owners.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

When searching for your first cat, it is easy to be tempted by the cute kittens you see someone has posted online. Having a cat from a kitten gives you the chance to bond with them, but unfortunately, a lot of those kittens have been bred in an unethical way. Adopting your cat is a much better option as you will be able to give a new home to cat that truly needs it. Currently, there are around 3.2 million cats in US shelters, so why not go to your local one and have a look.

Feed Them The Right Cat Food

Another important part of owning your cat is deciding what food to feed them. Cats are notoriously pretty fussy when it comes to the food they like, but usually, if you just stick to one food to begin with, they will like it for a while. This is why it is so important to choose the right cat food, as your cat needs to get all the right nutrients. For some, natural cat food like those from Reveal are the best option to go for as you can trust the authenticity of the ingredients.

Do Not Overspend On Fancy Toys

It is very tempting when you own your first cat to get swept up in all the fancy toys and beds available but try your best to avoid the gimmicks. Fancy toys and beds may look nice, but often you could be wasting your money. Cats will ultimately sleep where they feel most comfortable, which is often not on the designated bed. The same thing with toys, it may look exciting, but you might find that your cat is way more interested in something like a shoelace, than your expensive toy.

Be Patient

Having patience is a super important thing to know during your first year of owning a cat. You have to remember that cats are not like dogs, so you can’t expect they are going to fall in love with you on the first day. Be sure to give them plenty of space and only pet them when they come to you. If you repeatedly invade their space or pick them up, they may start to resent you and could run away when they see you. Just create a warm, welcoming environment for them and allow them to explore everything at their own pace.