Organix Melty Veggie Sticks

Delight little learners with Organix Melty Veggie Sticks, a scrum-veggily-umptious finger food to grab, hold and happily munch!

Packed with veggies to fuel little moments of weaning wonder.

We asked Leo (8 months old) to review these little treats with mum, here is what they thought…

“Leo likes that they’re different colours and flavours.

These are great to encourage baby led feeding. They are easy to pick up and hold without help.  They just dissolve in his mouth so there is no need to worry about him choking.

Having the ‘No Junk Promise’ and being organic is really important to us – especially when it comes to snacks. Even mummy likes them!

As  a bonus is that they don’t seem to leave any mess! Some snacks have left stains on Leo’s clothes (especially carrot flavoured), so another pro for mummy!”

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