Organix Helps Create Happy, Healthy Eaters For Life With NEW Baby Meal Range 

In celebration of their 30th anniversary this year, Organix is excited to announce the launch of its brand new range of Baby Meals, championing real organic food and introducing a wide variety of tastes, textures and flavours for every development stage from 6 months – 12months+.

With each meal containing a minimum of 55% veg and bursting with flavour, Organix is helping to create a generation of truly adventurous, happy and healthy eaters who will enjoy a life-long love of great food. And in 100% recyclable clear pots that are both microwavable and re-usable, they are kind to the environment as well as little ones’ tummies! Unlike traditional pouches, the pots allow for a wide variety of textures and chunks that are key to the dietary development stages for weaning.

Little ones will love progressing through these mealtime milestones, from single-flavour purees to more complex meal bowls. The meals are in line with planetary health diet guidelines, using ingredients such  as grains and prioritising plant-based proteins such as chickpeas & lentils, although some of the meals aimed at older kids do include meat options to help provide a wide range of flavours and nutrients.  

All recipes are expertly balanced to ensure little ones are eating natural ingredients, from organic farms, put together simply and tastily, to spark curiosity and a love of great food as early on as possible.

The range is tailored to key weaning development milestones:

First Tastes for 6 months+ – 100% fruit or vegetable purees (2 x 100g)  – MRSP £2.25: 

In twin-pot packs, First Tastes are smooth purees, available in single flavours of Perfect Pumpkin, Easy Peas and Peachy Peach. Weaning can be daunting, but these simple tastes are the perfect introduction to solid food, setting a delicious and nutritious foundation for a little one’s food journey. The pots are perfect for spooning, dipping or stirring in!

Explorer Foods for 7+ months, and 9+ months (130g – 190g) – MRSP £1.60 – £2.20 – tasty organic meals packed with vegetables, herbs and pulses, with some meals introducing meat options to help provide a range of flavours and nutrients:

The first stage of Explorer Foods are for little ones aged 7 months+, and are the perfect stepping stone towards more complex flavours. Always with at least 55% veggies and pulses and one of a baby’s five a day, these gently mashed meals come in four delicious flavours: Creamy Root Veggies & Chicken (55% veg), Herby Butternut & Beans (>70% veg & pulses), Magnificent 7 Veggies (75% veg & pulses), and Rainbow Veggies with Lentils (>75% veg & pulses)

The second stage of explorer foods for 9 months+ introduces little ones to further flavours & textures with at least 80% vegetables and pulses. Coming in Very Veggie Pasta With Cheese & Herbs, Herby Sweet Potato & Lentils with Chicken, 5 Sunshine Veggies & Red Lentils, and Tropical Chickpeas & Rice, the small, soft pieces of these meals helps babies adjust to the taste and texture of regular food as they grow into truly adventurous eaters. 

Sunshine Bowls for Active Toddlers 12 months+ – fruit, organic yoghurt and wholegrain oats & wheat (120g) – MRSP £1.50 :

Perfect for breakfast, the Sunshine Bowls combine organic yoghurt, real fruit pieces and wholegrain oats & wheat, for the perfect on-the-go or at-home snack. Available in two deliciously fruity flavours: 

  • Organix Berry Sunshine Bowl with Yoghurt, Banana & Oats
  • Organix Tropical Sunshine Bowl with Yoghurt, Mango and Oats

Organix’s new range of meals ensures that little ones enjoy healthy and organic foods packed full of veggies and pulses, giving the best foundation for future food lovers. 

As with all Organix foods, the Baby Meals come with the No Junk Promise – using the best organic ingredients and nothing unnecessary added, with no artificial colours or flavourings. 

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