Oranges with Black and Green cardamom syrup…

Orange detox – Serves 6


• Oranges 6 each

• Caster Sugar 250 gr

• Green cardamom pods 10 each

• Ground black cardamom 1 tsp

• Water 200ml

• Limon cress or Mint  1/2 of a bunch


  Cut slices off the top and the bottom of the oranges and take off the skin vertically, turning the orange as you go and being careful to keep as much flesh as possible but removing all pith.

• Slice each orange into 5mm rounds and arrange the slices in a dish.

• Put the sugar, water, ground black cardamom and green cardamom pods in a saucepan and cook on a medium heat until you reach a caramel colour and syrup consistency.

• Pour the flavoured caramel onto the orange slices, cover with a cling film and leave in the fridge to marinate overnight.

• The following day, remove the cling film and garnish with some freshly picked mint or Limon cress.

• You can also serve individual portion in small bowl with a spoon of Greek plain yoghurt.

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