Nuna Grow

From newborn. To toddler. To big kid.

Your child will adore it. No matter how old they are. The Nuna brand is a collection of smart baby gear inspired by Dutch designers.

Their products are engineered with extreme endurance testing and real-parent problem solving to take he work out of being a new parent.

The design behind the Nuna rocker was inspired by a “carefree float of a leaf on a breeze,” hence the name.  And the parenting brand hopes to offer the baby “similarly mesmerising ride.”

A gentle nudge on the Leaf Grow sways your baby from side to side – giving a similar sensation to being rocked in your arms, providing comfort.

The Leaf Grow has a three-position recline, and removable cushions that make it more comfortable for your child to enjoy throughout toddlerhood (and beyond, thanks to the seat’s 130-pound weight limit)!

Its also beautiful…  unlike many of the plastic fantastic offerings on the market, this will actually fit in to any contemporary living room.


Stage 1: of the Leaf Grow uses the harness, as well as a comfy infant insert that adds extra support. It’s designed to use until the baby can sit up right, push up on hands and knees, or climb out.

In stage 2: to be used once the child can walk, the Leaf Grow becomes a harness-free chair where a toddler can enjoy a book or watch TV.


Other Selling points…

  • Evolves with baby to big-kid size
  • Inspired by a carefree float of a leaf on a breeze
  • Ultra smooth and quiet side-to-side motion
  • Elegant, serene design feels right at home in the living room
  • Ideal angles for your growing child
  • Motor free ride—no batteries, cords, buzz or noise
  • Motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over 2 minutes
  • Easily locks in a stationary position for feeding or playtime
  • Seat simply detaches from base for storage or quick trips
  • Removable GOTS™ certified organic inserts, cotton and dye

One of the biggest selling-point of the Leaf is that fact that it doesn’t need batteries.  A gentle push will rock your baby for around two minutes.

It’s really easy to strap baby in using the Velcro fasteners. They are quite heavy duty too so you know baby will be safe.

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The toy bar must be purchased separately at a price of £20. It has three toys hanging for baby to look at.

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What we thought…

“The Leaf Grow is the perfect accessory to our home. Its curved design and natural coloured material compliments every room we put it in.

We love the fact it will grow with our son, it now feels like he has his own place in our house.

Its perfect place to rest him whilst we work, cook or when we watch TV in the evenings, we simply nudge him and he slowly drifts off to sleep, saving our arms from constant swinging!

The toy bar also keeps him entertained for the times he doesn’t want to sleep. He is now 7 months old so is very active and keen to play.

We feel this will be a sentimental piece of furniture our son will keep as he grows up.”