Nordgreen’s Men’s Watches: A Minimalist Approach to Beating Mediocrity

A man will be judged by his shoes, they say, but the attention is drawn to the choice of wristwatch also these days.

A proper gentleman is not only always on time and impeccably dressed too, but he also has an impressive wristwatch collection to be called on for any event that comes his way. Be it a date, a black-tie event, an office function, or simply spending some time outdoors, we have focused our collection of men’s wristwatches on the modern and classic men that know how a timepiece goes beyond just telling the time.

Revolutionizing the world of men’s watches with a minimalist approach and quality elements to boot, it is time to switch things up.

The Nordgreen Promise

Over time, our men’s watch collection has excelled from not wanting to do too much at once.

We stick with the basics, eliminating all those bells and whistles that you either never use or just contribute to unnecessary price additions for you.

Our premium watches for men start with the Japanese quartz movement from Miyota, representing one of the best movements in the world. Of course, we could have gone the mechanical movement way, but that would be adding a lot of moving parts to the menu where we could keep things simple and functional instead.

The quality control process that our watches pass through is highly unique and effective, given that we maintain a small collection of men’s watches to begin with.

That way, we can focus on the limited line, create special editions of these international timepieces and ensure that every single unit leaving our stable is the best version of itself. It is, thus, little wonder why our watches are snagging up international design awards from markets far and near.

We are not surprised, though.

The classic men that trust us to grace their wrists and different outfit choices with our menu of wristwatches have left thousands of reviews, so we know that we are doing something right for them.

The Collection of Men’s Watches in the Store

As we earlier mentioned, we like to keep things simple for our men at Nordgreen,

That not only makes it easier to pick a piece and get on with it but allows us to pass on price savings from not dealing with a ton of inventory or multiple product lines.

Over the years, we have worked with award-winning designer Jakob Wagner to birth a collection of three different watches that are as tailored to the modern man as can be.

Here goes:

The fun begins with the Pioneer Range

Aptly named, the Pioneer watch started it all.

Carrying the appeal of a mechanical watch while remaining one of the most reliable quartz movement watches on the market appeals to most of the men that go for this watch. The Pioneer is also an exclusive range to the men, slapping a 42mm case size on for effect.

But that does not even begin to describe everything that goes into this watch.

The premium stainless steel exterior tells of a sturdy frame that holds its own well against abuse, elevated enough to stand out but not too much that it gets in your way. You won’t be breaking this watch out for a lot of dress events, but it handles everyday activities quite fine for the willing man.

A double chronograph system helps this durable outdoor watch stand out as a sports option. It also gives you a better alternative over the usual digital watches, allowing you the luxury of tracking time in different ways over an analog dial.

Speaking of the dials, there are rich color options for you to explore. Backed by a variety of straps to personalize the watch further, there is no limit to what you can get on this starting line-up.

Nothing’s Built Like a Native Watch

Out of the box, the Native watch is nothing like the Pioneer watch.

Here, we took the minimalistic piece dream a lot of steps further and came up with that watch that comes across as simple yet visually appealing as possible.

The best feature of the Native watch, according to most men who love this collection, is how well it disappears into the outfit. You never have to worry about your watches taking all the space and attention ever again with this unit.

How did we achieve that? Simple.

We paired an ultra-thin watch case with a bare dial – devoid of a chronograph and even a date display.

Embracing highly engineered quartz movements made this thin watch possible since there aren’t too many moving parts to fit in there. That efficiency does not translate to a smaller battery, though, seeing as the standard Native watch will last you for multiple months on end.

Such a reliable partner to start the workday with and end up at a black-tie event in the evenings.

With such simple features and classic design in the company of other great elements, it was little wonder that this watch caught on with the fashion-forward women that embrace our designs too.

Strike a balance with the Philosopher

The menu list is never complete without a watch like the Philosopher in there.

For a watch designed in 2018, this unit has risen through the ranks, beaten the competition, and come out on top with an iF Design Award in 2021.

So, you want some of the advanced features on the Pioneer, but you don’t want to sport all of the extras that come with it too.

That could make the choice between a Native and Pioneer brand tougher. When it comes to our Nordgreen men, tough is not something we want. That’s why we blended the best of both worlds into a Philosopher watch.

Coming in 36mm and 40mm sizes gives most men the range to choose the right fit for their wrists.

But why would you even buy a Philosopher watch over others?

Well, the choice to eliminate the chronograph system but keep the date display means this watch retains the simplicity of the Native watch and added functionality of the Pioneer. The dial is not busy at all, so it passes as a dress watch.

While it won’t disappear as much as the Native watch, it doesn’t fuss around to draw attention to itself either. Thank the precisely engineered, medium build case and lug width for that.

Powered by a battery like its other brothers and fitted with cool, vintage hour markings on the dial, a Philosopher watch might get you glued to the time.

Strapping Up in Style

The party doesn’t end with the watches that we have on offer.

In fact, that is where the fun starts. Continue to enjoy the various promises that all of our watches offer you with several strap options that define the styles of your timepiece.

Of the various picks, these strap materials stand out:


A leather strap is best fitted to a dress watch. We have also seen them make great companions for outdoor watches, as long as you don’t take them near water.

Of course, our watches have a solid water resistance rating to back them, but your leather bands are not built to go through that kind of abuse.

Used right, you enjoy the appeal of a premium Italian leather finish across multiple color options. Yes, we don’t limit you to the basic brown and black hues when you can explore more colors: from navy blue and patina grey to olive green and dove grey.

We take things a step further, offering vegan leather bands to the sustainability-focused men shopping in our stores. These new additions help us focus on our eco-friendly line of units much better, building fully cruelty-free brands of watches.

Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel bracelet is designed to carry the full premium feel and business-like appeal of metal bands while bringing all the beauty that comes with slapping them around your wrists also.

Before we get to the colors at all, these metal bracelet options can be picked in 3 Link, 5 Link, or mesh strap designs.

Once you have settled on that, you enter a selection of cool colors and details to select from.

Most men love the silver appeal on their watches. Elsewhere, we have also seen gold watches work wonders.

At Nordgreen, we don’t believe in dual-tone watches, so we don’t carry them either. However, you can see what we have done with the rose gold line for men if you are looking for some special twist to things.

Nylon and Rubber

The utility duo of nylon and rubber watch bands are the top choices for men looking for a more traditional, laid-back setup as an everyday watch. They also work well for outdoor watches – and bring the best water resistance bundle to the table.

Pioneer watches get the most pairing to these strap materials, and it is easy to see why. They fit like a match made in heaven, with the Philosopher coming in as a close second. The nylon strap brings the vintage out of Philosopher watches even more.

When ruggedness, high durability, and high impact usage are top considerations on your mind, get these straps.

Making a Sure Difference with Nordgreen

It is one thing for us to make a difference in your style and fashion appeal with our watches. It is yet another thing for you to make an impact in the world when you become a customer.

For every unit that you buy from us – be it the Native, Philosopher or Pioneer watches – you get to buy time for a region of the world too.

Part of the proceeds of your timepiece goes to:

  • Providing drinking water for children and families in the Central African Republic;
  • Furthering education for disadvantaged children in India;
  • Save up to 200 square feet of rainforest in Latin America.

All with a single purchase.

All that, and we still maintain a highly affordable pricing model. That is to tell you that we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to minimalism and sustainability. It’s more than just a mantra for us but a way of life that we embody at Nordgreen here.

Looking Behind the Scenes

It’s easy to look at our watches and just see the finished work. There was, however, a lot that went into the fabrication of each line that we carry today.

All our watch collections might be different and unique in their ways, but they share some similarities, which we have kept as our north star when crafting such timepieces.

Among other things, these stand out:


We believed that a fine wristwatch does not have to be busy, and pack on all of the features out there and be as complicated as can be.

Fortunately, we found Jakob Wagner – an award-winning Scandinavian designer – who shared our beliefs and worked to shape the multiple award-winning units that we now carry.

Even on the Pioneer, where we have a chronograph, it is just so aptly placed that it does its work well without getting in the way of any other thing.

We trimmed things down when we got to the Philosopher and Native lines, pushing the limits of how well we can style simplicity as elegance.

Simplistic Quartz Movements

Why reinvent the wheel when we could simply bring what works and works great too?

That was the decision birthing the choice to go with the highly revered Miyota watch movements. Winning on the affordability scale was one reason to consider this, and keeping time for long with a high precision moved the needle for us.

Finishing with the promise of durability and longevity of use, we didn’t hesitate to make this the singular movement that powered all our watches.

Enhanced Materials

We didn’t cut corners anywhere else, and we are not about to do that on the materials.

Every metal frame was designed from hypoallergenic, premium grade 316L stainless steel material. Our special finishing processes explain why the gold/ rose gold, silver, gunmetal, and other finishes we choose to employ shine and keep their luster for years.

The choice of these posh materials extends to the bands – where you can have a genuine leather band, vegan leather picks, stainless steel bracelet of the same premium grade, superior rubber, and nylon.

Even the watch crystal is not left out of the mix as we ensure a holistic approach to this commitment to high standards.

Whenever you feel like treating yourself to luxury without breaking the bank, we make it possible to come to us and leave happier than when you started browsing through the store.

Shop with Nordgreen today

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When you switch to Nordgreen, we do it stylishly simply.

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