No Longer Just For Little Ones But For Big Kids Too!

Organix has announced the launch of a brand new range for KIDS, taking their healthy and organic snacks beyond baby & toddler food 

Leading purpose-driven food brand Organix has announced the brand’s biggest shakeup in its history, with the launch of its brand new Kids Range for 3 to 6 year olds!

Organix has been providing babies and toddlers with healthy and nutritious finger foods and snacks for 30 years. And now kids are invited to join the fun, meaning Organix is supporting parents on their little ones’ food journey for longer, from their very first mouthful to their school lunchboxes.

Organix Kids celebrates real ingredients with punchy flavours. Its delicious selection of oaty bars, mini flapjack bites and wholegrain puffs help little ones eat healthier for longer, by keeping parents shopping for snacks in the baby and toddler aisle, away from the adult-oriented snacks. 

With brightly coloured packaging, cool Organix ‘Sunny Guys’ characters and grown-up flavour combinations, little ones and parents alike will be buzzing with excitement for snack time. All snacks are packed with flavour and fun, fit snugly into lunchboxes and are perfect for keeping energy levels up, satisfying little tummies between meals.

As always the new range comes with the Organix No Junk Promise. All snacks are under 100kcals and made with delicious organic ingredients with nothing artificial keeping little ones on track for a healthy eating journey as they grow.  

Organix Oaty Bars (6x23g) – MRSP £2.50

Inspired by their best-selling toddler snack, Organix’s Oaty Bars for kids will be available in two punchy flavours: Luscious Lemon & Lime and Marvellous Mandarin & Apple. Packed with juicy raisins and wholegrain oats, the tasty bars are ideal for curious taste buds as they introduce kids to more adventurous flavours – a perfect lunchtime pick-up or afternoon snack.

Organix Mini Flapjack Bites (4 X 23g) – £2.50

These oatilicious bites are an evolution of Organix’s Mini Flapjack Bites for toddlers, but in more advanced, kid-friendly flavours. Available in cool Choco Mint and crazy Choco Orange, the Mini Flapjack Bites bring all the excitement of cocoa and are packed full of flavour and fun. These are sure to be a winner with kids – grown-ups might even find themselves grabbing a cheeky bite too! 

Organix Wholegrain Llama Puffs

These Wholegrain Llama Puffs have three cool flavours to choose from: Cheese & Onion, Pizza and a BBQ flavour launching later in the year. Even with these funky flavours, the crunchy puffs are a healthier option for snack time, baked not fried, and nothing artificial, there will be no dramas with these Llamas. A perfect snack or lunchbox treat, the Llama Puffs will keep little ones going until their next mealtime. 

Mandy Bobrowski, Marketing Director at Organix, says: “Supporting parents better with healthier snacks for kids aged 3 is a hugely exciting prospect for Organix. Our aim is to provide healthier snacks that children will enjoy eating and parents are happy to give because of their superior nutritional content. 

“The launch of our new Kids range means we are providing parents with the opportunity to access healthier foods for longer to support their growing children. Our kids’ range is non-HFSS, under 100Kcal and uses only organic ingredients with nothing artificial included, so are markedly different from adult snacks that are often marketed at children. Thankfully, healthier food does not need to mean any compromise in flavour either – our new snacks certainly pack a punch in the taste department! And our transparent labelling means parents can be reassured of the quality ingredients in our foods.

“We have created snacks to fill the gap between mealtimes for active, on-the-go, older children, helping to keep their energy levels topped up and keeping them full until lunch, they are also a great option for lunchboxes. The Organix Kids range are high quality, organic snacks that help ensure parents and kids are best prepared for the demands of the day.”

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