Nifty Schemes To Keep Your Garden Safe And Secure

Gardens can often be overlooked when it comes to security, perceived as an extra ‘add-on’ of sorts rather than an essential part of a property. Needless to say, the garden is very much part of the property, and there’s plenty to damage and steal therein.

It’s important to take security rather seriously here. Not only must trespassers traverse over the garden to reach your home, but they may also have their sights set on belongings that can be found there anyway. One Suffolk village even experienced a spate of bizarre ‘hedge thefts’, so there’s really not telling what could happen if you’re lax about garden security.

Here are some of the nifty schemes you can employ to help keep your garden safe and secure.  

Installing Adequate Lighting

Lighting arrangements can illuminate your garden areas to look more wonderful and lush than ever before. At the same time, they can also double as a sensory spotlight that triggers whenever movement is detected in the garden area.

Being able to survey the area at the first sign of trouble is a huge advantage and is enough to send trespassers scattering to the winds the moment it turns on. There’s nothing quite as alarming as a broad beam of light shining on every move you make, so doubling down on that anxiety could be a key strategic ploy for you to utilise.

Of course, in detecting any movement, there will be some false alarms as cats or other forms of wildlife scuttle by. All the same, it’s a worthy of investment, heightening your awareness of what’s occurring in your garden. Once it’s on, there’s nowhere for trespassers to hide.

Plant Security Shrubs at the Borders 

Shrubs are thick and bushy, making them a perfect defence mechanism when arranged smartly. They basically double as a pretty wall!

Whether you design an elaborate maze or simply toughen up your respective borders, some thick greenery can be a handy deterrent against trespassers of all kinds. Not many people or creatures will be able to move through without making at least some sort of crunching or rustling sound, nor will they be able to peer through at your property. All senses are covered here!

Of course, this isn’t a totally fool proof solution. Theoretically, someone or something could crawl, leap, or cut their way through. Still, few things can pass through without at least one person noticing, and their presence can signal a clear message to all passing by: stay out!

Erect Iron Fencing

Not only slick and stylish, iron fencing is also once again another security measure that marks your land boldly. A spiked top can serve as an extra motivator for people to back off too!

Furthermore, iron fencing is durable, low maintenance, and its inclusion might lend your property with a subconscious sense of status in the eye of the beholder. This is because they’re typically associated with high-end properties, of which will fittingly have more high-end security measures within. Ultimately, their presence sets a precedent for savvy homeowners, and they’re less likely to be targets of any sort of trespassing or theft.

Feature Garden Netting

Garden netting is a great answer to intruding pests and bothersome birds swooping in and stealing your thunder – and your plants, bulbs, and buds too!  

Fortunately, companies like Little Fields Farm can help you learn how to secure garden netting, detailing their myriad of uses while providing a few choice products to be of great use too. Whether you want to ward away creatures or the effects of the very weather, it’s never been easier to find sufficient garden netting in the UK that can set everything cheaply, quickly, and effectively!

Garden netting also just shows that you’re an efficient, productive, and practical homeowner too. It demonstrates that you’ve set standards and how you’d like your property to appear and function, and that you don’t settle for any sort of half measures nor tolerate misbehaviours. It might seem trivial, but the little indicators of your character can build up to be a large anti-trespassing deterrent indeed.

Secure the Shed

The shed is a frequently targeted area of many robberies, so it’s important to batten down the hatches here and take no risks.

You could set up cameras on the roof of the shed or place them against the walls of your home for a clear line of sight to the doors and windows. Try to make them as visible as possible, because they may serve as a preventative measure just by being seen alone, in some cases. Once again, you’d also be presenting that security conscious image of yourself too.

It’s also a good idea to fit your shed with a padlock, protecting you from the worrisome key loss situation with secret combination codes. You may also want to blackout or cover the windows from inside as much as possible so there’s no telling what’s inside. After all, few people would risk a break-in if they’re left in the dark with nothing but guessing games for company.