Nifty Nappy Disposal with Korbell

A hands-free opening and clever refill system make this unique nappy disposal system a must-have in any nursery. 

Cheeky Rascals is delighted to offer a stylish yet practical option for nappy disposal thanks to the Korbell nappy bin. The completely hands-free nappy bin promises to contain all nappy odours within its 100% biodegradable liners, making the more un-glamourous parenting tasks a breeze!

Designed with practicality in mind, the Korbell nappy bin is completely hands-free, enabling parents to multitask with ease. Made from heavy-duty ABS plastic, the durable and easy-clean nappy bin is simple and efficient to use. The user simply steps on the pedal to drop the nappy through the trapdoor, the unique double-seal protection then instantly hides all odours keeping the nursery smelling clean and fresh!

A genius refill system has been built in to make it easy to empty and limit waste. The user simply pulls the full bag out, cuts from the roll using the inbuilt cutting tool, ties a knot in the remaining liner and it’s ready to use again! Thanks to the unique continuous liner system you can create bags of any size, meaning there’s also no waste – you decide when it is full! Even better, the lightly scented liners are all 100% biodegradable and made from 20% recycled materials – a big thumbs up for eco-conscious parents!

Designed with little one’s safety in mind, the nappy bin has three child-proofing features: a button for the lid, a knob for the trap door and the cutter for the liners is also completely child-proof, no need to worry about little fingers getting hurt!

With the Classic size available in a choice of four pastel colours, Pure White, Soft Pink, Pastel Blue and Mint Green, Korbell can fit right in with every stylish nursery! Available in three different sizes, from the Mini (holding up to 25 nappies), the Classic (up to 45) and the Plus (up to 60 nappies, nearly a week’s worth), there’s sure to be a Korbell to suit every busy household.

Founder of Cheeky Rascals, Selina Russell, commented: “Korbell is such a fantastic brand in our range here at Cheeky Rascals. While not the most glamourous, any parent will know the value of a good nappy bin, and Korbell is the best! It’s genius touch-free design, keeps odours inside and the biodegradable liners are such a welcome feature for today’s eco-conscious parents.”

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