New Product: SILKUP Luna

The silk hair wrap to cure bad hair days…

SILKUP launches its first product; the Luna. Luna is a silk hair wrap that protects hair from damage while sleeping and can also help to prolong hair styles.

  • The benefits of the silk hair wrap include; anti-frizz, reduced greasiness and breakage prevention
  • Luna is made from 100% 22 momme Mulberry silk, featuring a soft jersey silk band with gentle elasticity
  • Sleeping in silk can extend time between hair washes by up to four days
  • SILKUP uses conscious packaging which is fully recyclable and designed to conveniently fit through a letterbox
  • Luna comes in two sizes both priced at £60 and is available to purchase on SILKUP’s website
  • SILKUP will be offering free standard shipping worldwide on all orders until the end of April


The benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases for our skin have long been spoken about, but the same can be said of the benefits of silk for our hair.

Wearing a silk hair wrap overnight can prolong the life of a hair style, reducing the need to restyle in the morning and therefore avoiding any additional heat damage.

Silk is a smooth fibre which means that it will not rub hair up the wrong way, unlike cotton which can grip at hair causing damage, breakage, split ends and more. This gripping at hair is also what leads to what many refer to as ‘bed head’.

As silk is moisture wicking, it also removes excess moisture from hair making it appear less greasy in a morning.

These benefits mean sleeping in silk can prolong hair styling such as a blow dry by two days and keep curls sleek and bouncy instead of turning frizzy or dropping overnight.

All these benefits mean that, depending on hair type, sleeping in silk can extend time between hair washes by up to four days. Which means much more time saved between not having to wash or style hair every morning.

Janine van Throo, Founder of Just Natural Consulting and hair care expert said: “Not only is silk a luxury experience that we all deserve, it has some great benefits as well. The surface of silk is smooth and prevents the loss of the natural moisture from your hair. This of course will also help to reduce damage of your hair. Wearing a silk scarf will help keep your hair in one place and reduce split ends. Additionally, curly hair will experience less tangles in their hair after covering the hair with a silk scarf before going to bed. As a Natural hair Therapist, I strongly advise all woman to cover the hair with a Silk bonnet.”

What makes Luna different

The Luna was created after a team of colleagues became frustrated by being unable to find the perfect silk hair wrap option for their various hair types. After sampling the products currently available they found they either didn’t stay on throughout the whole night or contained uncomfortable bands that pulled on baby hairs or dug into the scalp.

Nichola Stott, SILKUP Founder said: “We found using a silk scarf could often come loose overnight, or layers of overlaid fabric could dig in and be uncomfortable. Whilst existing ready-made turban wraps worked for some; team members with Afro hair found the weight of braids or twists could cause the front-knot to pull against the forehead. One of our team with an undercut found that almost anything slipped off. We realised that there wasn’t a comfortable, luxurious product that could fit all types of hair whilst staying put throughout the night. We created Luna to fill this gap and offer a luxurious but affordable silk hair solution that will work for all women.”

Product details

Luna is 100% 22 momme Mulberry silk, featuring a soft jersey silk band with gentle elasticity. Designed to distribute the weight of your hair, the jersey silk band and structure of the bonnet provide a comfortable sleep.

All of this means hair is protected, locks are contained, and style is extended. The jersey silk band is made with a weaving technique that loops the threads to create elasticity naturally and is still 100% silk. No added man-made fibres. The band also seals edges and protects baby hairs from tension caused by other hair wraps.

Luna comes in two sizes; small and large which are both priced the same. The Large has been designed to fit shoulder to long hair, from curly to afro textures including braids and extensions, with the Small designed to fit short to shoulder-length hair.

Carmella, SILKUP model and Luna ambassador said: “I’ve slept in it every night and it’s really lovely, I’ve been rocking three to four-day curls!”

Research/production process

After coming up with the basic designs, we enlisted the help of a specialist milliner to make up our prototypes. We then went to a designer in London who turned this into a real-life design. Colours were selected to be universally flattering to all skin tones. We wanted to ensure that all hair lengths and styles were covered, so we designed the large to have a drawstring to allow users to control how snug the fit is around their hair. The jersey band was designed to sit comfortably over the ears and protect baby hairs and edges from tugging and tension.