Neev Spencer’s expert tips for avoiding baby blues…

The Baby Show, which is the UK’s biggest pregnancy and parenting event, returns to the London ExCeL on Friday 28th February until Sunday 1st March.

On Saturday 29th February at 11am, award-winning TV and radio broadcaster and mental health campaigner, Neev Spencer, hosts her Live Talk ‘Powerful Baby Brain’ alongside a panel of experts at The Baby Show, ExCeL

Bounce will be covering the event – but until then here are  Neev Spencer’s expert tips for avoiding baby blues.


Cooking up meals ahead of the baby’s arrival isn’t just a convenient thing to do it’s crucial because time will escape you and so will your appetite. Having wholesome meals in the freezer will become a godsend so think ahead or take any offers from friends and family to cook for you.  A lack of proper nutrition and dehydration can lead to further issues for your mind in that postnatal time so drinking a lot of water throughout the day, taking vitamins and eating even small amounts of good food can give you all-important energy to look after baby and help with breastfeeding.

Fresh Air 

Sometimes in those first few months as a new Mum it can feel quite isolating at home with baby day in day out so once you feel ready to be up and about it’s important to get fresh air.  Light slow walks with baby will do you the world of good and putting on your favourite playlist while you do it will help ground you and connect you with the outside world. Meeting other Mums in the park, atsoftplays or using some of the Mummy apps to connect with Mothers in your area is a great way to make friends but also offload some worries on people who truly get it.


Movement releases all-important endorphins and at the 6 week mark once you have been checked by your GP parent-baby classes of yoga or Pilates are highly advised.  Not only will you meet new Mothers in your area but you will gently get your body strength back. The new commitments of a busy life as a Mother require a lot of energy and body strength so building that up slowly is advised.  Finding a good pre and postnatal Osteopath can make a huge difference in how your body carries your baby before and after birth. Residual pain can play a big part in mental health issues so finding someone you can trust to help your body mechanically recover from the pregnancy and birth can be life-changing.


Have you ever tried to put on your favourite tune when you’re in a bad mood and not immediately feel better? Music has the power to transport us out of ourselves and bring us back to a perfect memory or moment.  I used a ‘Happy Playlist’ for my daily walks with my firstborn and sang to her daily. Singing releases endorphins and literally lifts your mood singing to baby connects you further so it’s a win-win.

Knowing the signs  

Every mother will experience some form of Baby Blues from the milder odd tear here and there, low feelings , extreme fatigue to the more severe end of the spectrum.  Hormonal imbalance is the cause of this condition and it will usually show itself within those varying forms in the first two weeks post baby or 4 months post-birth. Many factors influence this from a history of depression, a traumatic birth or extenuating circumstances post postpartum but preparation and knowledge is key in preventing things spiralling.  Educating your partner, family member or friends in how to spot the early signs of postnatal depression and anxiety is crucial as you yourself with most likely be unable to be aware of them. Early signals are a total lack of energy, not looking or bonding with baby, not wanting to hold or care for your child. Loss of sense of humour, appetite and the want to socialise or go out is again all symptoms.  Avoiding eye contact, becoming withdrawn, irritability, angry outbursts and constant crying are sure signs that it’s time to get some support. Once you’ve established this a trip to the GP is the first point of contact. If you are in the first 6 weeks telling your healthcare visitor or midwife is ideal but any professional medical expert will know exactly how to help.

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