Nanobébé, the First Nutrient Preserving Breastmilk Bottle…

Nanobébé, the first feeding bottle designed to preserve precious breastmilk nutrients, marks UK launch with exclusive John Lewis partnership.

A ground-breaking invention for today’s breastfeeding mums, their family and above all, baby, nanobébé improves the entire process of feeding breastmilk from a bottle.

Thanks to its unique patented geometry and increased surface area, the award-winning bottle spreads the breastmilk into a thinner layer so that it both cools and warms up to two or three times faster than standard bottles.

This reduces bacterial growth and allowing parents to promptly feed their hungry baby without exposing breastmilk to nutrient-damaging temperatures.

The nanobébé bottle, voted one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions, comes with a breast-pump adaptor so mums can express breastmilk directly into the bottle, and then store it in the freezer or fridge.

The bottles are stackable too, helping keep track of pumping order and saving on storage space. In addition, the 360 degree, double vented teats help to reduce colic and keep baby comfortable.

Finally, nanobébé’s innovative breast-like shape makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding without the fear of teat confusion while also being ideal for tiny hands, allowing babies to self-feed from a much younger age.

The all-in-one feeding solution has been developed alongside paediatricians, lactation consultants and biomedical engineers specifically for breastfeeding mothers.

From pumping to storing, warming to feeding, nanobébé offers baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself.

Other products in the range include Breastmilk Storage Bags and Organiser, Microwave Steam Steriliser, a Smart Warming Bowl and Slim Drying Rack.

Nanobébé will be exclusively available in John Lewis from August as well as at

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