Myths of Online Slots

Over the years there’s been many rumours surrounding the world of online slot gaming, the sorts of rumours that only spread lies and stir up trouble in our opinion. As avid online slot players ourselves at sites such as, we pride ourselves on having fun and spreading slot positivity amongst friends. There are plenty of myths surrounding the world of video slots, today we will look at a couple for your entertainment!

‘Rigged’ Slot Games

One of the biggest myths right now is that the sites you play on are rigged from the start, this simply isn’t true. These sites have to answer to a strict regulatory system, one that has existed for quite some time now. If a site was to deviate from this path and go into business for themselves, not only would the site be forced to come down, but there would be a hefty fine that followed too!

Myth of Jackpot Slots

Another myth, one that we love to debunk, is one that says that you can never win a jackpot despite there being a jackpot feature in the game. Why one might believe this probably comes down to their frustrations at not winning this jackpot! Jackpots have a very small chance of popping in-game. When someone wins a jackpot it is considered a really big deal simply because of how rare it is!

A funny myth is that whenever one hits max bet on a slot, their chances of coming away with the jackpot drastically increases. The jackpot is not in any way related to the bet set at the start of the round unless it states otherwise. Max betting on a slot will make you a lot more money should you be successful yes, but increase your chances of pulling the jackpot? No, not at all.

Increased likelihood of Winning at certain times

Various players out there believe that the time has something to do with the likelihood of victory also. For example, a NetEnt game only permits victories at 5pm everyday and anyone who plays at 4:59pm and 5:01 won’t win. Again, not true, your wins are as random as they come we’re afraid determined through the slot itself and not through some sort of time based system.

Most myths you see generally spawn from bitter players who cite some sort of intervention as the reason behind them not coming out victorious on some of their favourite gaming titles. Try to remain as open-minded as possible and try not to get overly paranoid. No one is out to get you, the world of online gaming is a very rewarding place, one of joy and happiness.

It’s pretty funny reading some of these theories out loud to be honest. We hope you find the humour in them too and it doesn’t keep you from playing some of the most immersive experiences known to man, the kind that can make you very rich in the process.