Mum of two launches her new range of healthy meals for kids

Jess Mackenzie is a mum on a mission. “We’re all so busy nowadays coping with work, the school run and other activities”, she says. “There are countless convenient meal options for babies and toddlers, but people assume that once kids get a bit older and go to school, they all start eating with their parents every night. But for a lot of families that simply isn’t practical or feasible, especially on weekdays. I could see my mum friends falling back on fish fingers and pizza sometimes several times a week, simply because there were no alternatives”.

Jess could clearly see that there was a need there, and prior to launching the range she spent eight years running a children’s cookery business, making all kinds of food with kids of all ages and abilities. This experience gave her a unique insight into what kids want to eat, so she set about using this knowledge and experience to create a delicious range of meals suited to children aged 3 and up, which are both nutritious and convenient. “Kids are generally much more adventurous than we give them credit for” she says, and Jess’s own children, aged 8 and 10, have been her eager taste-testers. “My daughter is a real foodie and has personally approved every dish!”

Available to buy online and in selected branches of the East of England Co-op, the Jess Cooks range includes delicious dishes such as Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Veggie Tikka Curry, Veggie Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Bolognese. She only uses 100% traceable British meat and chicken, loads of added veg, and all the meals can be ready from frozen and on the table in a matter of minutes. Environmental sustainability has also always been a key priority for Jess, and both the trays and sleeves are made of recyclable cardboard. She also uses biodegradable liners made of sheep’s wool to insulate her online deliveries.

“It was lovely to get a listing with the East of England Co-op, but I’m even more delighted that the range is now available online so now anyone in mainland UK can have access to them,” she says. “I really hope Jess Cooks will make life a bit easier for busy parents by enabling them to feed their kids great quality, healthy meals, even when time is short.”

To find out more about how to order Jess Cooks or see a list of East of England Co-op stockists visit